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Salary Information for Benefits Administrators

Career News November 13, 2013

Benefits administrators have a specific job—playing mediator between a company’s employees and management. Their intent is to serve the company, since the company ultimately pays the benefits administrator, but also to help meet the wishes of employees.

In this profession, you will be the liaison who maintains the benefits programs and advises both management and employees on what can be done, regarding coverage, perks, and eligibility. You are handling the benefits and the creative and logistical side of the job.

What Can Administrators Expect to Make?

On average, the benefits administrator makes $44,000 per year in median salary. This is based on HR resource reports, though the job title and the duties taken on can affect the final salary. For instance, there are entry level positions such as customer support analysts, security administrators, and research administrators. Some administrators receive upwards of $133,000 per year because of the company brand and the responsibility of their position.

The industry you choose can also determine salary quotes. For instance, the nurse profession pays upwards of $100,000 for a senior level nursing home administrator, which is related to the job field of benefits administration. On the other hand, an HR administrator may receive as little as $37,000 for an entry-level position.

The location of the company is important. Big cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles pay more because of a higher cost of living. However, one of the most important factors is the experience and education you bring to the company.

What Education and Skills Bring to Your Resume

A resume must be written and developed to impress, meaning skills and value must be emphasized. When it comes to education, some companies require a minimum of an associate’s degree with one or two years of field experience. However, more companies are hiring bachelor’s degree graduates, or even those with a master’s degree.

One reason is because of the higher academic achievement, but also because master’s degree students are trained in practices and protocols of the industry. They will provide company leadership, problem solving and perhaps some legal perspective. Experience working in the field will only complement and accentuate these fundamental skills.

It would be advisable for you to begin your training in this field by pursuing an education in a related field like finance or business administration. The benefits administrator is a logistical and tactical officer, and a creative mind, especially when discussing and formulating programs that appeal to employees. In many ways, the benefits administrator sells the program to employees, making them feel valued and satisfying management with the numbers.

The career position merits such a high salary, because of high expectations. You can do it as long as you are willing to work hard in building useful resumes that will impress management personnel. The University of Texas – Austin, Penn State University, University of Virginia, and many others provide this education and can start you in this exciting new field. As long as the university of your choosing is accredited, the choice to succeed is entirely yours.

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