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Salary Information for Those with a Culinary Arts Degree

Career News November 23, 2014

How much can you make with a degree? This is one of those questions best answered by asking more questions. If you want to attend school to obtain a culinary arts degree, first, you have to figure out what kind of school to attend.
Research those schools that have a culinary arts program and which types of culinary arts programs they have to offer. While a culinary arts school that concentrates only in the culinary arts may be helpful, there are also some community colleges that offer essential culinary arts training. You may also want to go to school to get a baker’s certification. This is another option to consider.

Culinary Salary: What Are the Factors?

Depending on what type of culinary arts degree you choose to pursue, your culinary salary may be affected. Location is also a factor with all of the above facets to consider in your future endeavors.

There are food preparation workers, bakers and pastry chefs, line cooks, beverage and food servers, and management chefs. There are also those that work for the chefs as an assistant learning the skills through an internship or on-the-job training. Here, you will learn the tricks and tips of the trade while gaining experience and exposure to the field.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, one can earn anywhere from $23,000 up to $74,000, on average. There are also opportunities where a chef can earn six figures in the casino, resort, and upscale restaurant environments. Many chefs are also self-employed and work for private parties while running their own bakery.

Educations Matters

Schooling can make the difference in your culinary salary. If you work on a master’s degree in culinary arts, you will have attended eight years of schooling along with experience and exposure, and you will not only learn the basics of nutrition, food science, cake decorations, food preparation, and operation of equipment, but you will also learn sanitation, safety rules, and regulations along with management. Many schools will allow you to use your own creativity and imagination to come up with culinary cuisine and presentations created by only you.

Some important qualities that you will need are sense of taste and smell, dexterity, business skills, communication skills, time management, and creativity skills. This will prepare you for the culinary arts fields of your choice.

Your Culinary Salary Depends on Your Ambition

Doing the research on the fields and locations that allow you to earn the highest salaries in your field will help you with your potential job search. Setting yourself up for success will be the key in your future endeavors and will create a path of growth for your new career of choice.

Obtaining the right level of education and experiences for your career desires will be rewarding and fulfilling. Being able to work hard to create something only by you and watching the reactions of the people that are there to enjoy your creation is fun and exciting. Being able to meet deadlines and creating a cuisine to order is also rewarding. Why not get started in this great art?

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