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Should I Use a Nursing Recruiting Agency?

Career News April 10, 2013

A nursing recruiting agency is probably the most convenient way for you to find a good job in nursing. This agency will search for you, finding you jobs that pay well, and provide job security. They may even help you find leads that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

A recruiting agency can lead you in directions well beyond the hospital; speaking of private clinics, private offices for physicians, assisted living and nursing home facilities, and other options. Recruiters go to the companies and create relationships with their clients, guaranteeing them quality employees.

Do They Only Work with Traveling Nurses?

Understand that there are a few types of agencies to consider, even within the health care industry. Temporary staffing agencies focus on contingent employment, while traditional recruiting agencies seek both full-time or part-time workers, as well as temporary jobs, as a nurse recruiting company. There is a lot of potential when it comes to traveling nurses, as many facilities have short-term needs, and entry-level positions that could eventually turn into full-time jobs.

Nursing recruiters partner with their leads and they seek nurses that are educated and willing to begin with an entry level position. They also sign contracts with large-level corporate or private companies and actually go scout universities on the local level, as well as nursing schools that are dispensing training to new students. They actively seek out nurses well before they are licensed.

Recruiting agency make their money from your first year of earnings, though you usually do not pay this fee yourself. The employer covers the cost. What’s neat about this option is that you do not have to negotiate; you let the agency do it for you. The agency negotiates fairly well, as they want to earn you enough money to keep you happy, while also making a profit from the employer.

What About Applying Directly at a Health Care Facility?

However, you have to consider what options you’re leaving behind before signing away your career to an agency. What salary could you get without sharing the total with an agency? Does your education merit it? Could you define your own terms as an applicant and not being under the jurisdiction of the school? If you do not wish to negotiate, and do not consider yourself an aggressive career student, then finding a nursing agency can probably help you more than slow you down. After all, many of these firms provide resume help, career counseling, computer skills, and other professional niceties.

If you have specialization skills, then an agency might be able to “sell” your resume better than you applying blindly at a nearby hospital that doesn’t have any immediate use for you. Agencies have the advantage of a relationship with hiring managers, meaning you don’t have to worry about an application process or testing, since you do this to start with, at the recruiting firm. The agency will continue to maintain relationships with employers, and both you and the employers will contact the agency when there are issues to discuss. Going to an agency might be to an employer’s advantage as well, as the hiring manager will want to make sure the individual is willing to maintain professional standards, including ones of confidentiality, safety, and caution in all health and legal matters.

What if You Move to a New Region?

A nursing recruiting agency can help you relocate with ease and financial security. This is a major advantage when you work for a recruiter, since you do not have to go through the process of applying all over again after you move. They know the markets locally, the health care facilities, the employers, and the nurses already employed. They know the employer’s needs, and they will create a new role for you quickly, based on your skills set.

A recruiting agency is only as successful as its track record. While you cannot always assume that an agency will stay in business, if they do have a long list of clients and connections, there is certainly an advantage in using these resources. They will be able to find the best fit for you. They plan the interviews, research the job openings, and use you to your full potential. Whether you’re looking for fast work upon moving, or want a job that involves your specialization expertise, a marketing firm is an investment in your future.

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