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Things to Consider if I Want To Pursue a Culinary Arts Career

Career News July 16, 2014

If one is considering a culinary arts career, there are a few things you may want to ask yourself. Do you have a passion for creating delicious cuisine for others to enjoy? Do you love food? Are you detail- oriented? Do you like to design food creations? Do you like a fast- paced, high- energy, and demanding environment?

If you enjoy cooking all kinds of food and have a passion for pastry goods, then this is the career for you. Sure, you will be taxed and are expected to be on your feet working long hours. However, becoming an expert in the culinary arts field is an achievement that is good professionally and personally. Some cooks study abroad and love the cultural experience they accumulate.

Education for Culinary Arts Careers

The competition for the culinary arts field is competitive with everyone in the field wanting to land the best jobs in the market. Education and experience is the key to landing the job of your dreams. The level of salary that one can make can vary greatly by region and employer.

There are different levels of education for different culinary arts positions such as a pastry chef or baker. Certification is not mandatory; many will earn their certifications and are better able to demonstrate their culinary skills by learning the techniques with their studies.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the salary can range from $25,000 per year at the lower percentile to around $43,000 at the median range per year, and as much as $75,000 per year at the higher percentile. This will depend on education level and experience.

Opportunities are best for those who have higher levels of education and several years of experience. Those with a combination of previous work experience and business skills and the highest creativity skills can be offered the best positions. The positions that are known to pay the higher salaries are executive chefs, upscale establishments, resorts, hotels, casinos, and even travel organizations such as cruise ships. Approximately 13% are self-employed and own their restaurants and catering businesses.

Culinary Arts Careers Goals and Organizations

When getting started with your studies, your courses will consist of theory and fundamentals of culinary arts, handling, preparation, presentation and cooking techniques, principles in management, nutrition, food safety, and sanitation, and then there will be an internship that needs to be completed. This will start your associate’s degree.

The bachelor’s level will get more detailed into customer service and touch more oin the business aspects of the operations. The master’s degree level will deal more with business, finance, and the management aspects of running the operation and what is expected in order to be in compliance and with the health regulations.

You will want to research and see what the options are and what is involved with the curriculums. You will also want to check the American Culinary Federation and other organizations to research information that will help you in gettingget the best education for your future endeavors. You may also want to talk to other chefs also to get their input and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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