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Top 7 Student Nurse Positions

Career News September 22, 2013

Student nurse positions are highly sought after throughout the country. Though some student nurses may not care about the particular form of student nurse position available, other student nurses will seek out the highly skilled positions to advance their career. The type of student nurse position available can drastically affect the setting a nurse will eventually work under, nursing unit they may be placed within or clinical assignments they are offered in the future. The following are the top seven student nurse positions available in various specialties.

Neonatal Student Nurse

A neonatal student nurse position is designated for those student nurses who would like to move forward in the neonatal, neonatal intensive care or pediatric fields. Those students who have career aspirations of working within maternity clinics, and with midwives may also benefit from student nurse positions in neonatal units. The job requirements of a neonatal student nurse would be primarily in charting, basic care of the patients and non-clinical tasks. These tasks may include bathing the patients, reporting changes in vitals to the nursing staff, taking the vitals of the patients and administering formula or other forms of nutrition to the patients.

Student Nurse Technician

Student nurse technician positions are common, though sought after among nursing students. These positions are held under the direction of licensed nursing staff. The ideal candidate for these types of student nurse positions would be able to perform basic daily tasks such as taking vitals of patients and offering assistance with daily living tasks including bathing. The student nurse would also be skilled in observation techniques that would allow the nursing staff to be aware of changes in patient’s actions or health.

Student Health Services Nurse

A student health services nurse position can generally be found on college campuses or through local school board administrations. This type of student nurse job would allow a student to work directly with skilled nursing staff in educational settings such as high schools, elementary schools and colleges. The tasks would consist of taking the vitals for patients as they are admitted into the school clinic, updating medical records, scheduling appointments and in some cases, performing triage of the patients as they enter the clinic. Student nurses may be in the room when the doctor or nurse practitioner visits with the patient to diagnose their illness. It should be noted that, as with any student nurse position, the student in this particular form of student nurse position would not be able to administer medications.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Though many people may view certified nursing assistants as positions strictly for assisted living communities, these positions are highly sought after by student nurses with interests in gerontology. CNA’s can find employment as a student nurse within assisted living communities, nursing homes, home health and hospice outreach clinics.

Acute Care Clinical Rotation

Acute care clinical rotation positions are one of the most highly sought offer positions. Students who are seeking a career in the emergency room nursing will find this type of position to be most beneficial. Acute care positions are offered by hospitals and community clinics to students with some form of CNA certification or other certification as part of their student nursing training.

Dialysis Technician

For those student nurses who want to work with dialysis patients, the position of a dialysis technician is incredibly appealing. These positions may be offered by hospitals, clinics, dialysis clinics and assisted living facilities. The skills for this position can be learned on the job as part of the student nurse training or can be required prior to the student nurse being hired. For students with previous experience in dialysis or with previous certifications related to dialysis and treatment, this position may lead to very marketable career options.

Children’s Ward Rotation

Student nurses who want to work in pediatrics or with children’s hospitals, such as St. Judes, will find jobs in Children’s Wards rewarding. These clinical rotation positions are generally in hospitals that treat children with cancer, leukemia and other deadly illnesses. Though this type of work may be difficult for some students, the exposure to this type of nursing may kindle a spark to work with children in the future. The tasks in a children’s ward are much the same as tasks in other wards and clinical rotations.

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