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Ways to Stand Out as a Leader on Your Nursing Team

Career News May 3, 2013

Nursing is often seen as a supportive role since you work along with doctors who will be giving you instructions. However, did you know that you can actually progress into a leadership role even while taking a nursing career path? Some people say that it takes about two years or so to master the scene of your job, duties, and the daily situations that might arise. Yet, even if you master the daily routines, you will not necessarily be seen as a leader due to the fact that you work well. You will need to display leadership in everything you do, and the tasks you take on. Consider a few ways to show others in the facility that you are ready for a leadership role.

Improve Your Clinical Decision Making by Using OODA

Improving your critical and evaluative skills can help you develop better leadership instincts. You start by observing a situation and become familiar with it. Then, you can decide what is the best option and act quickly. On the other hand, stalling or waiting too long to make a decision can make you look weak, nervous or unprepared for emergency situations. A leader has exceptional skills for taking action, even in an emergency.

Expect and Prepare for the Worst

A good nurse hopes for the best while preparing for the worst. It is not pessimism; rather, it is a practical guide to being efficient in the world place. By expecting the worst case scenario, you are actually preparing for the worst, and thereby eliminating extra time that might be required anyway, should hope not pan out. Nurses can provide patients with O2 or BVM; however, there are more conservative treatments available.

Always Act Early Rather Than Later

The idea is that a problem continues to escalate, the longer it is pushed back. That is why nurses train for a leadership role. You must fix whatever the problem is soon because if left unattended or resolved, it will become a much bigger problem later. A good leader reacts early.

Act Like a Leader

Not having any confidence in your abilities, and even your role within the facility, is detrimental to a promotion. Nurses who are interested in reaching out should act like a leader and delegate tasks to others when they need it. Patients are obviously a given, but some nurses boldly yet respectfully tell other medical professionals what they think. The main element is coordination, and it sounds organized. Build your reputation by never missing an opportunity to lead and show others that you are ready for greater responsibility. Whatever you do, do not be the silent type. Reach out!

Network and Stay On Peoples’ Good Sides

Success in your career is somewhat of a team effort. You work with patients, doctors, the support staff, and maintenance workers. Remember to reach out to people who could help you later in your career path, such as doctors, chief surgeons, nursing managers or nursing practitioners who bring many years of on-the-job training, and may help you increase your learning experience. One of the best ways to become a leader is to spend time around ex-nurses or newly reassigned managerial staff members who now work in management. Observe what they do, what they say it, and what improvements they suggest. Could you improve upon operations within your company in a similar way?

These leadership qualities could be invaluable to anyone who wants to be more than just a nurse. By acting as a leader, you may be offered the job.

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