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Where to Find Career Information for Psychologist

Career News July 4, 2013

Finding information about a career before going into it is just pure common sense. There is no point in spending years of your life going through education, internships and other nonsense only to find out the job you thought sounded good is not truly a good fit for you. In fact, mistakes like this lead to extremely miserable people working jobs someone else should have; it is just awful for everyone. For psychologists especially, it seems important to do some research before going through school, not just for your good, but also that of potential patients who will one day need the care you might end up providing.

For you, there are several good resources for finding out more career information for psychologists. The British Psychological Society offers careers, education and training as well as a world of links to other information about this subject. It is a pleasant central hub for people with even a little interest in psychology and it can be the springboard into fortune and fame for the right people. Their website is pretty easy to find and once you’re there, finding the specific information you want should be a little easier.

Perhaps you’re not looking for educational opportunities just yet, but you genuinely want to learn more about career information for psychologists before you get enrolled somewhere. The American Psychological Association (APA) has a host of more general information about psychology including possible careers for new graduates and information on other ways to maximize their earning potential with the education they get. It is an excellent resource for interested parties in the United States and should be one of the places you visit if you want to learn more about what your career as a psychologist could do for you. Still, there is one more excellent source for this information.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides students with information on different careers in dozens of different fields. This website allows viewers to more thoroughly research important points like employment percentages within months of receiving a degree, pay, retention and more. It does this with written information and great, vibrant graphs as well as statistics gathered from data specialists. Out of the three websites listed here this might be the best of them all, but you should never rely wholly on any single source of information.

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