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Accounting Clerk Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

The accounting department is one of the most essential departments of a company or an organization that must be filled with equipped and skilled accounting staff. That aspect must be ensured since it is the only way a company can assure that the flow of cash is doing well, and whether a financial solution is needed for issues to be resolved.

Accounting Clerk are the ones providing the needed support in the accounting department. They are the employees who are keeping track of the financial aspect of the business. If you graduated with a degree in accountancy and you are planning to pursue this career, it is better to familiarize yourself with the position’s duties and responsibilities through this Accounting Clerk Job Description.

What Entails an Accounting Clerk Job Description?

Professionals who are planning to start a career as an Accounting Clerk must know that its basic job description involves providing their support in the accounting operations through filing documents, running software programs and reconciling statements. They are to provide their assistance with the accounting supervisors and with the accounting department managers.

Their responsibilities include working on spreadsheets and transferring the record on the organization’s general ledger system. Their duties also entail handling accounts payable and assisting other accounting personnel. An Accounting Clerk’s duty ends in making sure that all files are completed and are maintained as necessary as possible.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Accounting Clerk

•It is the duty of an Accounting Clerk to perform the following or the combination of calculating, verifying duties related to obtaining all necessary financial data to maintain the accounting records, and posting of the data. The records needed to be obtained include checks and invoices, which needs to be compiled and sorted.

•Validating of business transactions.

•Verifying and posting of business transaction details including total accounts and funds that are received and also disbursed, through a calculator or a computer.

•They are to compute and record all refunds, charges cost of damaged and lost goods, rental, freight charges and related data.

•They are to type invoices, accounts statements, vouchers and reports through a computer or a typewriter.

•At times, the duty of an accounting clerk may also include settling of bank statements.

•They may be assigned to a specific type of accounting position like as an accounts receivable clerk, tax record clerk, and accounts payable clerk and other types and perform all duties and responsibilities it entails.

•Their record-maintaining duty includes filing documents and making copies.

•Determine the value of the depreciable assets a company or organization has, which is done with the help of using a depreciation software program.

•It is also part of their responsibility to protect the value of the organization by keeping all information confidential.

•In relation to their duty of recording financial data, it is their responsibility to enhance their knowledge about the job by attending educational opportunities.

The Accounting Clerk Job Description is not just all about filing and recording of financial documents, but also about enhancing their knowledge about the job so as to ensure better performance in meeting the duties and responsibilities.

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