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Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

Accounting jobs are one of the most complex duties and responsibilities any employee can have. Although there are simple tasks involved with the position, majority of the tasks are complex enough that it needs more than expertise but also analysis skills. For people who have graduated and earned a degree in accountancy and are planning to pursue a career in the accounting department, take a look at the Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description and see if the duties and responsibilities suit what you are capable of.

The Main Role of an Accounts Payable Clerk

The job description of an Accounts Payable Clerk entails completing payments, controlling the expenses through receiving all invoices that process, and verifying each of which that are received. It is part of their job description to pay all invoices in time and report all related activities made to the Accounts Payable Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

An Accounts Payable Clerk is the person responsible for performing all invoice related duties and processes including matching, batching, and coding all purchase ledger invoices. They give the supplier the statement reconciliation. All staff expenses are being processed by an Accounts Payable Clerk. It is their duty to prepare the payment runs and answer any queries. They deal with purchase inquires made. It is their duty to work closely with the external suppliers in resolving all queries that arise.

It is their duty to reconcile all work that had already been processed, by means of verifying all entries made and recording and comparing the system reports to the balances. An Accounts Payable Clerk is the one performing the duty of charging all expenses to the accounts and cost centers. It is done by analyzing invoices or the expense reports. It is their duty to record all entries.

It is the responsibility of an Accounts Payable Clerk to pay the vendors by performing the process of monitoring all discount opportunities, verifying all federal aid numbers, scheduling, and also preparing checks. It is followed by resolving all purchase orders, payment discrepancies, invoices, contracts and documentations made.

They also ensure that all credits are received. It is their responsibility to issue amendments for purchase orders or stop-payments. It is their job to pay the employees through receiving followed by verification of expense reports along with the record of advance requests. They also prepare the checks. It is their duty to maintain the accounting ledgers by starting with verification, followed by posting of account transactions.

They file documents and microfilm them so that historical records will be maintained. It is their duty to record all entries and verify documentation so that petty cash can be disbursed. In order to report all sale taxes, they must calculate all paid invoice requirements. It is an Accounts Payable Clerk’s utmost responsibility to protect the value of the organization by ensuring to keep all information confidential. They are to accomplish the assignment of the organization and accounting department by making sure to completing all tasks.

These are the duties and responsibilities that define the Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description. Pursuing the career can be intimidating; however, with the guidance of this job description, employees will be able to familiarize themselves of what they are to do once they are hired.

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