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Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

All establishments are one way or the other, generating revenue. It only means that income is generated, and therefore, must be tracked down, distributed, and deposited in the correct bank accounts. The methods of recording and gathering all information related to accounting revenue is called the accounts receivable.

In every company or establishment, there is one employee or staff member who is hired to work on those duties, and that is the accounts receivable clerk. For people who earned the necessary degree, have the skills and are interested in landing the job, here is the list of the Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description that you must be knowledgeable about and prepared to handle.

What is the General Description of an Accounts Receivable Clerk?

An accounts receivable clerk is the one responsible in providing all the necessary financial, clerical, and administrative services needed in an organization. These responsibilities are needed to ensure an accurate and efficient operation in the financial and administrative aspects of an organization. All the duties and responsibilities must be done with compliance to the established procedures and policies.


The tasks and Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description is not only centered on financial functions but also administrative ones; However, it generally involves updating the accounting systems in a manual or computerized way. It usually involves the use of spreadsheets and word-processing programs to complete the job.

Part of the administrative tasks is to create email invoices, to distribute to clients and send through mail. It also includes keeping track of all the invoices that were mailed, while ensuring every copy is made for the filing system in the office. Accounts Receivable Clerk can also be assigned in going to banks daily or weekly, to deposit payments. It is their task to match every invoice made with the payment and record in the accounting system of the organization.


•Process all financial transactions made within the day so that the municipal finances are kept in an accurate manner and always updated.

•Ensure that all staff is paid accurately and in time.

•Provide support in completing administrative tasks so that efficient operation is maintained and ensured within the organization.

•Communicate with customers and send them bill reminders. As for the large companies, those with the position can simply coordinate with the department specializing in collections or the third-party collection agency to settle delinquent accounts.

•Record all payments done through entering the account in the ledger or on the accounting software.

•Generates the monthly, quarterly and annual statements, including reports containing detailed invoices along with other accounts receivables.

It is essential to know the Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description before pursuing to land the position. Knowing the job description ensures efficient completion of the job it entails.

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