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Annuities Customer Service Representative Job Description

Job Descriptions November 8, 2013

Being an annuities customer service representative offers a great opportunity to those who are unemployed and are having troubles with landing a job. Applying to this type of job is a good advantage with the compensation given to the employees.

Applicants that have knowledge and experience in the related field can have an advantage over other applicants and get hired. The job deals mostly with financial services and insurances.

Having knowledge of these things is also an advantage. In order to be qualified for the said position, there are several things that need to be considered.

The following can give applicants an overview about annuities customer service representative job description.

Annuities Customer Service Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Educational Attainment and Expertise are Required – In order to be qualified for the position, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree in the related area of specialization. An experience of at least two to four years in the related or same field can be a good advantage. This is part of the requirement so things can be handled easily and accordingly.

Standard Familiarization in the Different Fields – As an annuities customer service representative, they must have a wider knowledge about the different fields that relates to the line of work that they are going to perform which include the procedures, concepts and practices that are going to be applied. Having skills and knowledge on these things can help in providing a good service in every task assigned to.

Process Orders and Assist Clients – It is the job of a customer representative to make sure that things are being settled accordingly during the process. They are also responsible in handling the needs of clients. Ensuring that everything is fulfilled is part of their task in giving clients the best service.

Answers Clients’ Queries – Being a customer service representative it is their job to assist and answer the needs of their clients – part of which is dealing with questions regarding annuities policy or product. Providing a precise and accurate answer is necessary in this case.

Expertise is Required – In dealing with financial services there are instances that personal judgment and experience are needed. Having advanced skill in planning is a great advantage especially in making plans. This can help in accomplishing a certain goal efficiently and productively. That’s relying on experience is taken into account in preparing for the challenges that can be faced in the future.

Has an Ability to Perform Multi-Tasking Work – Being flexible in every task assigned to is a good skill to have since the customer service representative does not only focus on one task. Having also an ability to work under pressure can help in finishing work on time. Having these skills present means that an applicant is proficient enough for the said position.

Other Requirements – As an annuities customer service representative they need to work under a general supervision. In every duty or task assigned to, they are expected to perform professionally containing a high standard in each task being accomplished. They are also required to report to their manager or supervisor.

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