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Appraisal Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 8, 2013

Appraisal managers are responsible for appraising the employee’s performance, and this position is essential for the betterment of the company and the employees. An appraisal manager is responsible for the appraisal of all the employees in the company. However, they don’t actually appraise each employee personally; they only oversee the entire procedure.

In order for an appraisal manager to appraise the employees, he/she should know all about each department’s statistics. In addition to that, they should also know about the different rules and regulations inside the company, when it comes to appraisals. This is because each and every company has different rules regarding the appraisals of the employees, and the manager will ensure that these rules and regulations will be adhered to.

There are also others who are basically concerned in the appraisal process; they include the department heads, team leaders, supervisors, and many more. This is because these people know their employees much better so their opinions are essential. The manager is the one responsible for ensuring that the method of appraisal is performed, in accordance with the company’s rules.

Appraisal managers have access to salary information of the employees; therefore, they also need to keep this data to themselves. They should also issue orders to all employees from the different departments regarding confidentiality. Additionally, they also have access to essential and valuable financial information of the entire company. Thus, they should see to it that these files and data are with them.

Responsibilities and Duties of an Appraisal Manager

•Appraisal managers are responsible for handling and monitoring the entire appraisal method of the company. They should be well educated and well versed about the company’s policy when it comes to the appraisal of the staff or employees.

•Since appraisal managers are equipped with the essential knowledge and expertise about the appraisal policies, they can actually make necessary changes in order to improve them and get these needed changes approved by the upper or senior management.

•Appraisal managers must be aware about the contracts of the workers and must be able to apprise each of them accordingly.

•The entire appraisal procedure must be fair and unbiased, and it shouldn’t be affected or altered by outside interferences.

•During the appraisal procedure, appraisal managers must carefully segregate or divide the work to the subordinates and also ensure that no information will be leaked out.

•Once the entire appraisal procedure is done, appraisal managers must provide the numbers to their senior management, and get the approval from them.

•Appraisal managers need to disclose these numbers to their supervisors and departmental heads and then ask them to also disclose these amounts to their employees.

•They also need to be prepared with the numbers in order to handle grievances of employees.

•They need to address the employees’ issues and fix the problems because the salary is a vital issue among the employees.

Those who are great with numbers would be suitable and qualified for this position. Therefore, people equipped with degrees in business administration or accounting are the most preferred choice for this job.

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