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Auditing Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 16, 2013

An Auditing Supervisor is responsible for a myriad of jobs around the location. Simply, the supervisor is responsible for supervising the audit teams in the field and responsible for the fiscal activities of the area in which they are assigned. Efficient and high quality audits must be conducted and the necessary papers and reports must be filed on time and in completed properly.

The Auditing Supervisor works directly with the Auditing Manager to ensure that all documents are accurate and that they meet the scope direction based upon the requirements of the audit.

On a daily basis, the Auditing Supervisor will be working with the individual teams engaged in financial analysis. The supervisor will be responsible for planning, performing, and overseeing large audits in order to assess the level of compliance with rules, regulations, policies, and applicable laws. Staff will be assigned to specific sections of an audit and progress will be monitored.

Technical advice may have to be provided to field staff during an audit to ensure that audit activities are carried out properly. It is also the role of the Auditing Supervisor to detect any problems and resolve them quickly so that the area receiving the audit is able to continue with business as usual.

Reports will need to be reviewed as they come in from the field staff to locate any errors and to ensure that all financial activities are being conducted properly. If an audit reveals anything out of the ordinary, it is the supervisor that must follow up to ensure the audit teams were correct in their findings. Exception sheets will have to be reviewed and potentially resubmitted.

Audit findings must be prepared in a well-written manner and properly documented. This may require researching programs, policies, and statutes that impact a particular area of an audit. Policies and procedures should be suggested to ensure internal controls and safeguards are met within the individual departments to avoid audits that are unfavorable in the future.

An Auditing Supervisor will be required to participate in conferences and meetings with representatives from the different agencies or departments that are affected by the outcome of an audit. Timely updates will also need to be provided to the Audit Manager.

Successful auditing supervisors must develop an understanding of and become proficient in the laws, rules, and regulations of the company and department they are auditing. This will ensure that a supervisor is able to complete audits properly and provide training to auditing staff during the on-board process.

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