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Benefits Administrator Job Description

Job Descriptions October 26, 2013

The benefits administrator is a human resource profession that helps employees. He or she must keep informed about the latest news regarding benefits, which include retirement, health insurance and other related topics.

Tasks handled by a Benefits Administrator

These professionals work exclusively with benefit programs. They are the ones who go out and negotiate with insurance companies, who provide health insurance and retirement plans. They must also report back to company management with recommendations, as to what is the best choice. They work with legal protections, wellness programs, and anything that can be considered part of the benefits package.

The benefits administrator not only counts costs but also reviews features that are going to appeal to employees. This is a part of job retention, making the staff feel valued and welcomed to stay. This professional must consider the overall performance and responsiveness of companies offering these insurance products. A failure of the insurance company to honor a contract, or to assuage the fears and needs of the employee, would be a failure of the benefits administrator, who must verify these issues.

In this position, you will be reporting back to management through written reports and oral presentations – whatever management personnel prefers. In addition, you might be asked to help new employees with enrolling in these programs and making sure they understand how to start receiving this coverage.

You are also responsible for explaining options and technicalities so that there won’t be any miscommunication. Other tasks include following guidelines for legal compliance and identifying the latest trends that affect employees.

Skills to Cultivate

You are a problem solver, and you take a strategic approach that pleases employees while also satisfying management, which is concerned about rising costs of healthcare and other essentials. You’re not simply a humanist but also a data analyzer. You read the patterns and interpret the results so that you can make better decisions for the company. Part of running a good company is keeping employees happy. You would do well to leverage your skills and knowledge, making sure both parties feel satiated and cared for.

Skills required for this job include analytical skills, a desire to help people, excellent communication skills, and leadership thinking. A bachelor’s degree in finance management, or any related field, is a terrific start. Remember, this is not merely a managerial role but an entrepreneurial one.

You must be proactive at going out and finding the best deals, in not only health and retirement programs, but in extra programs that cover dental, vision worker’s comp, life insurance, travel insurance, and other issues that frequently come up. You are as much of an investigator as you are a manager.

Why not put your skills of analysis and aims, to help people and improve relationships between your co-workers, to good use? This is a growing field and one that will reward your vigilance with respect and a high paycheck. Penn State University, Arizona State University, George Mason University, Ohio State University, and other colleges can help you achieve this career path.

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