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Billing Specialist Job Description

Job Descriptions November 16, 2013

Requirements and responsibilities for a Billing Specialist may include the preparation of invoices and bills, as well as the verification of accounts receivable ledger and calculation of sales. Occasionally, the employee is required to process changes in an information system to keep accurate the billing process, as well as the support of continued efficiency.

This competent level of reporting quantitative financial information, regarding a variety of activities, must remain a focus of this position. The duties listed in this job description are examples of assignments typically required of employees in this occupation. This classification does not include all positions that may be assigned to those in this field of work. Additional job duties will follow employment and demonstration of competent work.

Duties and Responsibilities

The right candidate, when named an employee, will report to a Billing Supervisor or a named Office Manager, in order to assess the maintenance of strict confidentiality and ability to perform the necessary tasks. The Billing Specialist must be prepared to perform in a customer-focused team environment, and is responsible for continued high performance and evaluation of statements. A high level of accuracy should be prioritized, as bills and invoices may need to pass between several constituents before reaching its final party.

Education and Experience

Usually a candidate for employment is required to hold a high school diploma, or equivalent, though higher education or certification may be preferred in many cases. All employees are expected to display a professional attitude towards co-workers, along with strong written and oral communication abilities. A strong knowledge base of general billing practices is preferred, as well as proficiency with several computer programs and accurate data entry.

Candidates with experience are preferred, but others may apply provided they meet departmental standards. The right candidate will be well organized and detail-oriented, and able to read, understand, and follow oral or written instructions. Manual dexterity is also required for the use of a calculator or computer keyboard.

Salary Information

In the United States, Billing Specialists earn an average of $35,000 annually, breaking down into an hourly pay rate of $16.86. This number is higher in the medical field, where a plurality of those in this occupation is employed.

Depending on the candidate’s level of skill, these numbers may fluctuate, as well as with the location or size of the business. The working conditions can be expected to be limited to a normal office environment, with the possibility of occasional overtime or shortened hours, as dictated by the needs of the business.

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