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Bond Sales Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 11, 2013

The bond sales manager has the duty of leading his or her team of bond sales officers. Typically, managers are responsible for creating the strategy and sales plan for his or her group of sales officer, including where to look for new customers, how to approach those customers, and what bond options to present. The bond sales manager also directs the team’s marketing campaign, making the final decision on how to advertise, as well as where and when to post these advertisements.

Other responsibilities include supervising bond sales made by officers, and networking with customers. Customers who are especially unfamiliar with the financial industry and with the buying and selling of bonds will often need to meet with bond sales managers to discuss which bonds to buy, and the best time to buy. This means that managers must be extremely familiar with the market, and may spend many hours simply monitoring market activities. Being able to accurately advise potential clients is essential to any bond sales manager’s success. Just as important is the ability to convince clients of the efficacy of your plan, even if they feel another plan might serve them better.

As the leader, it often falls to the bond sales manager to ensure profits not only for customers, but also for the organization. This means that significant foresight and judgment must be used in order to choose the best path forward. An ability to analyze market activity and determine the most profitable route is an irreplaceable attribute for bond sales managers.

Like any manager, this role is more complex than simply setting the direction and goals of the team and meeting with clients. Bond sales managers must also handle any problems that arise within the team. Because the individuals within the group are likely competitive and ambitious, there bound to be some interpersonal disputes that must be taken care of, while still promoting a healthy working environment. The ability to be an effective leader, operate under pressure, handle various tasks, and a working knowledge of investment plans and the details of bond purchasing and selling are indispensable.

Most institutions require an applicable bachelor’s degree and extensive experience for this position. Requisite experience may include working as a bond sales officer or as a successful manager in another sector of the finance industry. More than seven years of experience may be necessary before an organization would consider an individual qualified for the position. For more information about the nature of bond sales manager positions, visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

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