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Bond Sales Officer Job Description

Job Descriptions November 11, 2013

A bond sales officer operates as part of a sales group, led by a bond sales manager. Each bond sales officer buys and sells bonds, in both government and corporate formats. Familiarity with bonds terms is a must, as officers will spend the majority of their time advising potential clients about which bonds to buy and when to buy. Significant time will also be spent following the activities of the market in order to accurately advise clients about which bonds to purchase. Communicating clearly and concisely to customers who may not be familiar with the terminology surround bonds and securities is essential to the function of a bond sales officer.

Sales officers will also make judgments about which bonds to offer to certain clients, as not all bonds will work for all situations. Being able to carefully consider the needs of the individual client, while properly marketing the right bond are attributes every officer should have. This includes the ability to explain what a bond is and why purchasing this bond over that bond will ultimately benefit the customer. While keeping in mind the needs of the client, it is also important to keep in mind the needs of the institution. Making strategic decisions that will benefit both parties is a necessary function of the bond sales officer.

Further duties of a bond sales officer include managing the purchase and sale of bonds for clients, which may involve ensuring the client the requisite capital for the transaction. Bond sales officers are largely consultants, but they are also analysts, lending their considerable knowledge about the nature of bonds, securities, and the market to ensure their client’s finances are secure and taken care of.

Depending on the institution, some bond sales officer positions may require certification. All require a bachelor’s degree in a related field and experience in sales and office environments. For more information on how to become a bond sales officer, salary for positions, and the nature of the work, visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics webpage. Bond sales officer is a demanding position, and can be stressful, but also tremendously rewarding for individuals who have the know-how and time to devote to the occupation.

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