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Business Operations Manager Requirements and Job Description

Job Descriptions September 23, 2015

Explore about the preparations and education required to become a business operations manager. Go over the following review of requirements, job duties, degree programs and certifications to clearly figure out if this is the perfect career for you.

Business operations managers are the ones that look after and organize the affairs of firms and other organizations. Indeed, they manage duties varying from training newly-hired employees to preparing department initiatives. Individuals obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration and other business-related field like accounting or finance.

Essential Information:

•The required education: Bachelor’s degree in any business-related field.
•Additional requirements: Ability to execute a broad range of duties and strong leadership skills.
•Estimated Job Expansion (for the year 2012 up to 2022): About twelve percent for all general and operations managers.
•Median Salary (for the year 2014): For all general and operations managers, a total of $117,200.

Job Description of a Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers design and regulate the activities of government agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations. Hinging on the organization, they may be accountable for supervising different departments from accounts payable to human resources. Such duties comprise of reviewing budgetary data, integrating educational assignments for staff, interpreting financial data, executing cost-benefit analysis on internal programs as well as monitoring expense reports.

The Requirements for becoming a Business Operations Manager

Majority of employers require business operations managers to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting, management or business administration. Furthermore, these programs may compose of topics like mathematical models and statistics. A lot of programs use seminar-type of classes to highlight relationship building and leadership. Meanwhile, courses in consumer psychology and organizational behavior may also greatly aid in preparing students for this field.

Why Advanced Degrees are Beneficial for Business Operations Managers?

Most employers may require a Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Finance. Such advanced degree programs typically take 1 or 2 years to finish and may delve into concepts from planning to principles of accounting. More than that, students may pick specific classes to nourish their education towards a specific industry such as telecommunications and healthcare.

Voluntary Certification for Business Operations Managers

Acquiring voluntary certifications such as Certified Manager credential entitled by the ICPM (Institute of Certified Professional Managers) may assist potential candidates to be more cutthroat in the job market.

It is worthy to note that being entitled for the Certified Manager designation entails accumulating points hinged on in-depth education and vast experience. Once candidates have passed this examination, it is required to pursue their education through the aid of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers – authorized activities such as mentorships and webinars to maintain the admittance.

Salary Information and Job Outlook for Business Operations Managers

The BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) disclosed that the median yearly salary obtained by general and business operations managers during the year 2013 was approximately $96,430. What is more, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also stated that job opportunities for general and business operations managers were anticipated to rise about twelve percent from the year 2012 to 2022. This is in fact almost average when correlated to all sorts of jobs.

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