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Career Profile of a Business Operations Manager

Job Descriptions December 3, 2012

Companies and other organizations rely on business operations managers for the supervision and coordination of such companies’ affairs. The duties of a business operations manager can vary widely. For example, they might need to prepare department initiatives or facilitate the training of new employees. Business operations managers hold a bachelor degree in business administration or a degree in an associated field of business such as accounting or finance.

Job Profile of Business Operations Managers

Not-for-profits, government agencies and businesses rely on business operations managers to plan and structure the operations of their organizations. Ordinarily, business operations managers are required to oversee various departments such as accounts payable and human resources, among others, but these responsibilities vary according to the requirements of the hiring company. They are required to perform cost-benefit analysis relating to internal programs of company, monitor reports of expenses, interpret financial data, review information relating to budgets, and coordinate educational assignments for staff members.

Prerequisites of Business Operations Managers

Majority of recruiters insist that a business operations manager who is hired should have a bachelor in business administration, accounting or management. Program coursework should include mathematical and statistical models. Many of these programs have classes modeled on the lines of seminars with an emphasis on soft skills such as relationship building and leadership. Attending educational programs relating to consumer psychology and organizational behavior would assist students aspiring for careers in business operations management.

Postsecondary Education

Some recruiters require operations managers to hold a master degree in finance or business administration. Such postsecondary degree programs generally require one to two years to complete and coursework includes accounting principles and strategy. Students can opt for specialty areas relating to specific industries such as telecommunications or healthcare.

Earning Voluntary Certification

Earning a voluntary certification, relating to a credential devised by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), such as the credential of Certified Manager (CM) will create more job opportunities for business operations managers (source: In order to qualify for the CM credential, a prospective candidate will need to accumulate points based on experience and education. After they have successfully completed the certification exam; the potential operations managers need advance education to enhance their career prospects, such advance education include mentorships, webinars and other activities approved by ICPM.

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