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Career Profile of a Clerical Secretary

Job Descriptions December 5, 2012

Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private businesses employ clerical secretaries to whom they delegate responsibilities like supplies and office communication. Secretaries are required to conduct internet research, responsible for the coordination of projects, scheduling of events and drafting of correspondence, among other duties assigned to them.

Job Profile of a Clerical Secretary

The performances of various administrative tasks in an office environment are assigned to a clerical secretary. In the ordinary course of their working day, secretaries manage the flow of information to clients and staff, update databases, and plan meetings. They are responsible for the storage, retrieval and dispersal of paper and electronic information including emails and memos. A secretary could be required to draft reports and correspondence, among other documents.

Job Responsibilities of a Clerical Secretary

The effective flow of communication and information in an organization are looked after by clerical secretaries, in the process of handling requests by clients, taking messages for staff members and answering phone calls. Several aspects of the work do require secretaries to use computers, such as in Internet research, desktop publishing and correspondence, storage and presentation of data via databases and spreadsheets. Secretaries look after the monitoring of stockroom inventories and replenishment of items whenever required.

At times, clerical secretaries are required to make travel arrangements for senior staff members, plan company events and train new employees. They are required to utilize video conferencing equipment, scanners, copiers and fax machines. They keep busy by monitoring the operation and maintenance of office equipment and bargaining with vendors. Some organizations have several secretaries working in a group whose duties are divided in terms of expertise. Clerical secretaries depend on greater technical efficiency in performing administrative tasks assigned by several staff members.

Prerequisites of a Clerical Secretary

Most organizations insist on a high school diploma as the minimum educational requirement while hiring entry-level clerical secretaries. They are required to have basic knowledge of office management. Organizations rely on technical schools and community colleges to provide additional office training to candidates, such training programs normally last one to two years. Clerical secretaries are expected to have written and oral communication skills, and have great grammar, punctuation and spelling. They are expected to have computer skills relevant to performance of certain duties such as maintenance of databases, spreadsheet functions and word processing. Many employers seek secretaries with knowledge of project management and desktop publishing. Knowledge in operating office equipment such as communication devices, printers, and fax machines can be a bonus for aspiring clerical secretaries. Additionally, exceptional customer service skills are required to facilitate effective communication with vendors and clients. Clerical secretaries must demonstrate sensitivity, adaptability and sound judgment when they communicate with co-workers, clients and members of staff.

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