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Cash Management Service Representative Job Description

Job Descriptions December 8, 2013

Cash management is not merely the job of counting cash but overseeing a department. As a cash management service representative you are in charge of providing cash management services to bank clientele. This involves helping clients to create a program for managing their cash assets, all the while ensuring profitability for the company. The average salary for this career is over $33,000, according to the Certified Compensation Professionals of HR survey. Managerial job titles, one step above representatives, include service supervisors and management executives.

The Job Description for a Cash Management Service Representative

As a service representative you will not be undertaking any massive organizational programs, nor are you responsible for profitability. What you do is report to a manager with financial information. It’s your job to maintain sufficient cash flow. Your duties are primarily clerical, though a familiarity with the industry is preferred. Your main concern will be learning the organization; its procedures, departments and policies. While there is a standard protocol you may be called upon to use independent judgment on certain tasks.

Much of your time is spent reconciling credit and submitting forms, while also researching the truth behind bounced checks. Scanning, reviewing forms and ensuring the accuracy of information, as well as the proper protocol, is a chunk of your job description. You assist the company’s financial department, oftentimes taking on a direct approach in updating processing guidelines.

Your ability to multi-task will be an asset since you work with multiple fields in a day, and take on everything from audits to databases and service failures. Further assistance may be requested by the company or a manager. Coming up with solutions, in teams, or on your own, is the sign of a flexible and experienced worker.

Moving Up in Your Career

As you move up in company ranks, you may discover weightier responsibilities even before reaching a managerial position. For example, some service representatives speak with attorneys, and negotiate with business partners. A thorough knowledge of banking is required and so degrees in finance, or business (perhaps even an MBA) works best.

Experience outside of school also paints you in a shining light, since you will have experience with modern cash management programs, their limitations, and trends in the industry. Two to four years is standard, though in this position you do ultimately report to a supervisor. Leadership qualities are encouraged and so showing creativity and open-minded attitudes will only help to develop a high-caliber resume.

A bachelor’s degree is the recommended starting point for new students. Experience levels for new applicants are reasonable, somewhere between two to four years, but with only field experience—not managerial credentials. This is a job you could grow into, after a number of years learning the systems and programs. What is important is that you adapt to the job quickly, by following instructions and learning to communicate quickly and effectively with all managers, co-workers and clients. It’s time to turn this ship around and head towards a more promising route—that of a college professional who earns his or her way to a prominent and well-paying job.

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