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Cash Management Service Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions December 8, 2013

Cash management is a complex business need and will often require several departments within the corporate environment. A cash management service supervisor is one of these job positions. According to the Certified Compensation Professionals HR survey, most of these workers earn $65,000 a year.

They often perform similar jobs as cash managers. For example, supervisors may maintain power over cash management programs in order to help the company or clients. They may also help in customizing plans and new procedures, along with a cash manager, or working alone.

Additional Duties of a Cash Management Service Supervisor

The cash management service supervisor also reports to departments of accounts, sales and customer service, to advise and provide technical support. In fact, the supervisory role, even more so than the managerial title, is one of technical mentoring. If you are appointed to this position you will be expected to lead others and direct the work of others, putting your supervisor training to good use. You will report either to the cash manager or to the head of a certain unit of the company.

You will oversee a company’s cash flow, not merely by the month, but every day and week, ensuring there are no discrepancies. Your objective is to reduce the cash amount found in collectable status while increasing the disbursement float, so that the company maintains the cash flow projected. If there are problems, you identify them and come up with solutions.

A great deal of your success will be in working with invoicing software. This will help you ensure that records are in proper order and always maintained according to the law. As a supervisor, you typically have a staff that works under you, though you do assume responsibility over the department. Clerks may be delegated jobs of recording invoices, doing purchase paperwork, and other tasks. However, disbursement tasks and all other managerial projects remain in your hands.

The Skills and Education That Make the Job Title

A cash management service supervisor, or cash management director, has weighty responsibilities over the programs and procedures that influence cash flow by the numbers. You are in charge of short-term cash assets, as well as liabilities, and must work, with others, to develop programs that address strategy while also keeping liquidity. You may even manage the company’s bank account, as well as handle international purchases.

Education is vital, and nothing less than a bachelor’s degree will do. In addition to a solid education in a related field of finance, most employers require eight years of field experience and preferably supervisory or directing experience. One reason companies hire from within is because workers that are promoted tend to understand the industry and company’s concepts and established systems.

You can get ahead by studying these details in advance of the job interview. To begin, let’s talk education! Whether it’s UMD or a school of your choice, starting with Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) is the first step. Earn your degree now and build a resume that grabs attention in job interviews. A high-paying job may be just four years of studying and hard work!

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