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Check Processing Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions December 8, 2013

The check processing manager is an important role within any company, since you maintain control over checks and profit. The nature of this work is so demanding that the salary is fairly high for a non-executive position. You can make up to $53,000 per year, according to the Certified Compensation Professional HR report.

While this is not at the corporate level, you still are entrusted with a weighty responsibility, and a management position. You are in charge of processing all checks and overseeing the process for the bank. It is your job to direct and train processing staff and verify that all transactions are recorded correctly. Every day, millions of transactions occur, from deposits, to check cashing, to loan payments.

Duties of the Check Processing Manager

It’s not merely a managerial task, but also one that requires investigative knowledge. The manager also documents all fraud checks and bounced checks. He or she must determine where the error has occurred and then notify the police if there is suspected fraud. If you are a lending processor, other job duties including interview applicants for loans, investigating their backgrounds and verifying references.

You are expected to verify all information before making a suggestion to the company on how to act. You must be convinced of fraud charges, after reviewing all sources of evidence, as well as the checks in question. You calculate and review errors, and document all interest, penalties, payments and other fees. A major portion of your duties will involve assembling documents, forms, titles, claims and receipts. The company needs your help in recording all correspondence for easy claims investigation or government correspondence.

You are expected to understand compiling and coding technology as well as categorizing and auditing. Computer experience is a must, from modern software to hardware upgrades. Another valuable skill is one of communication. You are in charge of dispensing information as a manager, meaning you represent the company to clients, to the public in the press, to the government and various other avenues. You will use the telephone, postal letters, or email for correspondence.

Education is Always in Your Favor

The first step to changing your life and pursuing a better career is by earning a bachelor’s degree. Finance, accounting, and business administration courses will be fruitful in your studies. Work experience is another criterion to consider, and most companies are looking to hire at the managerial level, which is about seven years of experience in the field.

As a check processing manager, your task is to accomplish the goals your department sets while directing the work of your delegates. Creativity helps, as does solid knowledge of modern accounting practices.

If you have the ability to lead others and work under others, all the while receiving good pay, this job is ideal. Best of all, you can move up the corporate ladder by proving yourself competent in a financial position. Start your education now by contacting an accredited college or university and enrolling in a related field. It will be the start of a new chapter in life!

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