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Cost Accounting Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions December 2, 2013

The world of accounting can be a tricky and busy one. It is all about numbers, calculations and formulas. One profession that knows this very well is cost accounting managers. According to, their Cost Accounting Manager Job Description states that they prepare and direct the implementation of cost accounting methods and activities.

Basically, anything involving saving a company money and doing it in an effective and efficient method is up the cost accounting manager. They oversee costs, control those costs, manage cost audits and even prepare reports so that the management team above them can see the type of efficiency behind had below and make adjustments, or not, accordingly. This is a very important financial service and has to be dealt with delicately. Their median salary is around $92k due to all the numbers and know-how needed.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a Cost Accounting Manager Job Description that states that they use spreadsheets heavily in order to manage their job perfectly and manage cost and debts in a manner that keeps the company in the black of earning money. It is not about selling a product or service for the cost accounting manager, but mainly the technical aspect of money that they manage. Records and bookkeeping is a must, and they have to make sure that all expenditures and balances are accounted for. These managers have to make sure that the tasks they specialize in are complete and accurate.

These specialized tasks have to be complete and accurate for the whole point of this profession is to keep the company on the right track. There is a lot of math involved and a lot of number crunching with the cost account manager. Any sort of accounting has this level of math involved and this profession should not be surprised. Job growth is expected to grow about 14%, which is about as fast as average. Every company and business will always need cost effective solutions and materials when it comes to their growth, so this kind of growth should not surprise anyone.

There are some similar occupations such as budget analysts, cost estimators, financial clerks, and other types of accounting but this branch of accounting is very unique and special to the tasks needed, and there is honestly no substitute. Hopefully, this Cost Accounting Manager Job Description has helped you understand what it takes to get in this field and what to expect out of it.

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