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Credit Card Fraud Analyst Job Description

Job Descriptions December 3, 2013

The Credit Card Fraud Analyst Job Description calls for monitoring the transactions done by credit card users, review the activities that seem to be suspicious, conduct further investigations and resolve the irregularities that are reported by the customers. It is the responsibility of the fraud analyst to safeguard the organization and its customers from frauds and irregular transactions. They recommend for additional security controls whenever required. They have to maintain updated records about all irregular and suspicious transactions and are expected to regularly monitor the developments. As per Credit Card Fraud Analyst Job Description they must communicate the management about all security issues and also make recommendations for further actions so as to prevent loss due to fraud and irregular transactions.

Required Skills

According to Credit Card Fraud Analysis Job Description, those who take up the job of a fraud analyst must have the skill and expertise to closely monitor all security events and prevent and detect fraud activities. They should have thorough knowledge about the Credit Card industry and various methods that are adopted for analyzing the systems deeply. The aspirants to this job should have sound technical knowledge in communication and network security. The candidates are expected to be familiar with the rules and regulations pertaining to the credit card industry.

Academic Qualifications and Experience

Those who have a bachelor’s degree in either finance or criminal justice or management information systems can apply for a Credit Card Fraud Analyst job provided they have minimum 2 years’ working experience in security controls or payment fraud preventive operations. On the basis of the Credit Card Fraud Analysis Job Description the applicants who possess analytical as well as problem solving skills and thorough knowledge about the credit card industry regulations will be given preference.

Remuneration and Career Growth

Credit Card Fraud Analysts have ample job opportunities in the banking sector. In the banks, these jobs are available in a wide range, and the remuneration also varies. In the Financial Services also the jobs are of different ranges and hence the salaries vary accordingly. Those who work as credit card fraud analysts in the US are eligible for a total compensation in the range $52000 – $80000.

How to Become a Credit Card Fraud Analyst?

Those who have completed their degree courses in Finance or Fraud Investigation etc. may gain professional experience by taking up a similar job in the field of fraud investigation. These jobs are available in the private sector also in banks, insurance companies and Financial Services. They may apply for membership in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and become a certified fraud analyst by passing the exam conducted by the association.

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