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Financial Analysis Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions February 16, 2014

A financial analysis manager is responsible for the preparation of data and supporting financial evidence that determines the success or failure of an organization’s financial ventures. The position may also be responsible for tracking the progress of ongoing financial projects, like investment portfolios, spending for capital projects, and any aspect of the company’s financial endeavors and welfare.

The position of financial analysis manager generally requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or management. A master’s of business administration degree or certification as a public accountant is usually highly desired and is a necessity for advancement in the field.

The majority of organizations expect a senior level financial analysis manager to have a minimum of 10 years experience in the field and prefer industry specific knowledge. A beginning financial analysis manager may need two years of experience as an accountant, a manager, or a statistical analyst.

Complete familiarities with computer programs that are oriented to accounting are a must for the position of financial analysis manager. Training may be necessary for company specific programs or in-house developed software and is usually provided by the hiring company as part of the initial training for financial analysis managers.

A financial analysis manager must have a firm grasp of the use of statistics in accessing the potential success of a financial plan. Experience and knowledge in the use of sophisticated statistical software is an asset for financial analysis managers and usually a requirement for the position.

The ability to make presentations that are tailored to a specific audience is a necessity for success as a financial analysis manager. The data analysis that is developed must be tailored to the understanding and needs of the people that a financial analysis manager manages and to upper level decision makers. A financial analysis manager must be able to develop an understanding of what each group of people needs to know from the vast array of information that they usually have to deal with.

People skills are an important asset for financial analysis managers. As a person progresses in their career, they will be expected to manage people. Experience in the field produces an understanding of the challenges that a financial analysis manager’s subordinates will face. People skills are also necessary for dealing with brokers, banks, and all levels of management in the organization.

A financial analysis manager is an integral part of a company’s business success. Education, experience, attention to detail, people skills and industry specific knowledge are the most sought after assets for the position.

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