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Financial Counselor – Healthcare Job Description

Job Descriptions November 27, 2013

When you get the chance to familiarize yourself with the healthcare job description of financial counselors, you will learn that they are working professionals that go over insurances and the cost of procedures before admitting patients to the hospital. In case the insurance of the patient covers the cost, a financial counselor works with the needed papers and documents and make sure that everything is in order. If payments are rendered in cash, financial counselors also work in collecting payments and updating the bill records of patients.

Financial counselors usually work in the front office location of hospitals, where they sit on their desks and use computers in facilitating their jobs. These working professionals usually work 40 hours every week, nine to five. However, there are instances that financial counselors work at night or even during weekends. It is believed that financial counselors are exposed to prolonged typing and sitting. That is why they are advised to take time to stand up and move around, to avoid wrist pain and stress injury due to repetitive motion.

Since financial counselors fall on the healthcare field, their jobs require them to be familiar with billing practices, customer service, and insurance coding. They are usually represented by impressive experience in account collections. Some financial counselors work in doctor offices and most if not all are earning attractive salaries. Financial counselors also work in initiating and coordinating prior authorization and pre-certification for patients with respect to their insurance carriers.

These individuals also work in providing financial counseling to patients. Financial counselors also work hand in hand with business offices to ensure timely follow up and claim. Their works also includes making and answering calls from insurance companies and patients, inquiring about the pre-certification process. Their roles in processing information requests and coordinating with insurance companies or billers, with regards to their requests and medical necessity, are greatly valued.

Among the various tasks, performed by financial counselors, include receiving and processing forms and insurance information from companies and patients. Aside from these, their functions also include reviewing hospital schedules, checking accounts of patients, communicating with the biller and requesting additional claims.

Financial counselors also work on discussing payment arrangements with concerned individuals, tackling about outstanding balances. They also process oral medicine prescriptions for possible office dispensing. Most importantly, financial counselors perform duties as assigned. They have the qualities, skills and expertise that allow them to work successfully and satisfactorily. The roles they played are essential, and they provide a beneficial service in the healthcare industry.

Financial counselors display unmatched mathematical skills, language skills, reasoning ability and other essential abilities and skills, including computer knowledge, keyboard skills, communication skills and telephone skills. They usually display attitude and demeanor and are highly capable of working effectively with other people. They also have sufficient knowledge in medical terminology.

The job of financial counselors is performed mostly indoor or in a controlled environment. They can and must efficiently perform their functions under these types of environment. The task of a financial counselor is not that easy, but with the needed skills and determination, essential functions can be undertaken successfully.

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