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Financial Reporting Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 27, 2013

Financial reporting supervisor is a job that manages the responsibilities of employees for their groundwork and gives out annual or quarterly financial statements. They are the ones who always check the entire files of the company’s rules and regulations, GAAP and SEC guidelines reporting, and professional standards. They also play as the connection in communicating with external auditors. Moreover, they have the authority to perform some personnel actions. In this case, in being a financial reporting supervisor, there are things that they should do perfectly to avoid reporting issues.

A financial reporting supervisor has the responsibility in preparing and analyzing the monthly package of the financial report. They also report to the supervisor and accounting manager regarding the financial statement analysis and preparation, the filings of the accounting procedure processes, and setting up supportive schedules and documents. This only means that this profession is not like the other jobs that you usually see in your environment. They have the responsibilities that they need to follow to have a good performance and record in their company.

The responsibilities of financial reporting supervisor are listed below. These responsibilities are made with purpose, and the presence of it gives them a lot of benefits, primarily, when they follow it perfectly.

•Prepare monthly financial analysis statements.

•Review and process the monthly journal accruals and entries.

•Complete the information in the monthly lead sheets.

•Check and certify the monthly tax compliance such as the excise, use, and sales.

•Organize with the outside districts and departments to gain information about accounting.

•Prepare the monthly reconciliations account.

•Set up the different ad hoc reports when needed.

•Manage and guide the two staff accountants.

•Connect the reviews about the process of accounting.

•Help the internal audit when needed.

Aside from that, there are several requirements in applying for this profession.

•Possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

•Have 5 years experience working as a supervisor.

•Have the skills to communicate in different groups, inside of an organization, to gather essential information.

•Have impressive relationship-building, interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.

•Have strong and flexible mentoring skills.

•Have the ability to inspire his or her co-workers to work harder.

•Have the unbeatable skill and good attitude to succeed, even if the environment is altering rapidly.

•Have great ability to manage enormous projects and perform in perfectly.

These are the responsibilities and requirements when applying for financial reporting supervisor. With the presence of this information, many people will have the knowledge on the responsibilities of a certain financial reporting supervisor. For students who want to achieve this profession, they will have an idea of the needed requirements, to become a financial reporting supervisor. However, having plans and goals in life is the key to achieve your dreams.

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