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Floor Broker Job Description

Job Descriptions November 28, 2013

Are you interested to become a floor broker in the near future? If so, there is a need, first, to learn about the floor broker job description. According to many reliable sources, there are certain responsibilities and requirements to be fulfilled to become a certified floor broker.

A floor broker is required to both sell and buy orders from the company executives and clients. They must be concerned in completing the orders that are found on the trading floor, in the securities. The task of evaluating is also needed to be completed. In evaluation, the market volatility is almost always concerned that ensure clients the optimum satisfaction in receiving the best rates that are available.

More so, becoming a certified floor broker means acquiring a bachelor’s degree in the related area or specialty. It is required to have at least four years of experience in the related area or field. A person is also required to acquire state licensure.

The familiarity on the various concepts, procedures and practices, is also needed in the field. This will, in turn, help brokers’ cope with the description of the job, itself. Once all these things are familiarized, one can become a certified floor broker.

Other than that, a floor broker must greatly rely in the judgment and experience accompanied in accomplishing and planning the goals. They must certainly perform a different set of tasks where a degree of latitude and creativity is expected.

In addition, the floor broker is expected to report to a manager or supervisor that is part of the job, itself.
Apart from it, another significant thing to consider about the floor broker job description is becoming an independent member of such an exchange. A floor broker is also authorized to further execute the trades in the exchange floor, for the clients. In actuality, a floor broker acts as the middleman or an agent for the clients. They indirectly give the best access possible in the exchange floor.

The clients to be concerned about being the affluent or wealthy people like service firms, mutual funds, pension funds, high net worth traders and individuals. The responsibility is more on the execution of the client orders. In achieving this objective, one must effortlessly assess the myriad factors such as market conditions, orders, prices and the market information.

Once a floor broker obtains a sell or buy order on a certain stock, they must be ready to have the most competitive rate in the market, just for the client. This is done by means of proceeding on the trading post in the exchange floor. This is where the stock specialists are located. They are going to bid against other traders and brokers, to have the best price on the stock sale or purchase. Once the transaction is already completed, the floor broker is going to notify the client by means of a registered representative.

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