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Fraud Prevention Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions January 3, 2014

Becoming a fraud prevention manager doesn’t require superpowers, military background, or even muscles. Requirements for this specific job include things like: multiple years of experience due to the high level position mentioned, at least a bachelor’s degree to ensure intelligent standards are at reasonable level, as well as leadership skills needed to operate a fully functional fraud prevention squad efficiently and smoothly.

Experience in the fraud prevention field could include previous fraud analyst’s jobs, fraud prevention supervisor jobs, as well as any work in telecommunications pertaining to fraud. These requirements are to ensure the expertise at this position makes it possible for the company to run smoothly and more importantly, safely under protection from any fraud seeking maneuvers.

Being in a position of leadership requires a certain amount of patience, as well as skills required to motivate and keep up morale of those you’re leading. This aspect of the job only comes from previous positions of leadership and experience in leading others. It’s required to hold a safe, secure working environment for those around you as well as yourself.

Managing all aspects of the fraud prevention services as well as maintaining up to date methods and technology is required. The ever changing malicious software and fraud techniques created become new problems you, as a fraud prevention manager, must face and conquer by always staying ahead of the game with an understanding of the technology in place and creating ways on making that same technology better.

New techniques and procedures must always be fully understood, in order to provide you with the ability to prevent any attempt at fraud. Concepts dealing with this field should be understood and able to use. You should maintain a simple understanding of related fields to ensure understanding of every aspect of your own job.

The median salary held by current fraud prevention managers stands at $78,834 with a rough $20,000 deviation both ways. With this pay, it is necessary to understand the job requirements fully, as well as the ability to perform at a highly efficient level at all times. Some benefits include social security, 401k, disability, healthcare, pension, and time off.

With efficient management of all fraudulent activity and a highly functional team of fraud analysts ensuring any fraudulent acts are stopped before they start, sales revenue increases. Effective fraud prevention services are a direct result of high morale in the fraud analysts led.

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