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Gynecology Nurse – Degree Requirements and Career Information

Job Descriptions October 19, 2013

A gynecology nurse works with a Gynecologist or an Obstetrician in a doctor’s office, hospital, private clinic or other medical setting. Depending on the job location, education requirements and salary will vary. In most cases, this specialty nurse will assist female patients of various ages and with a wide variety of conditions. Since gynecology covers the care of the female reproductive tract, women of all ages will need the services of a gynecological nurse at some point in their lives, giving this specialized form of nursing a positive outlook.


From providing regular care and checkups to female patients, to assisting in obstetric care and managing the concerns and conditions of aging women, gynecological nurses can expect to see and treat a wide variety of patients. Gynecology nurses are RNs (Registered Nurses) who specialize in women’s health care and have additional training and experience in the field.

A gynecology nurse may work in an Ob/Gyn office and see patients on a regular basis for a variety of conditions. Gynecology nurses are also needed in hospitals to assist with procedures, monitor patients and provide patient care and education. Ideally, a gynecology nurse should enjoy working with women of all ages, have an understanding of a woman’s health and medical needs from puberty to old age, and be interested in hands on patient care.

Work Environment and Job Duties

The work environment for a gynecology nurse will vary – some nurses with this specialty work exclusively in doctor’s offices, others work in hospital settings. A gynecology nurse that works for a busy Obstetrician should expect to do a lot of routine maternity care, from monitoring vital signs, performing lab tests and helping with patient education.

Gynecology nurses working in a hospital setting can expect to work with doctors, and can assist with everything from helping on the Maternity floor to providing monitoring and care during surgery. Depending on the job location, a gynecology nurse can expect to perform some or all of the following functions:

•Provide well care and assist in annual exams for healthy women

•Care for patients during pregnancy, delivery and in the post-partum phase

•Perform basic lab tests in a doctor’s office or clinical setting

•See and care for multiple patients each day

•Participate in women’s healthcare research projects, provide patient education or community outreach programs
Requirements and Education:

A gynecology nurse is a registered nurse with a specialization in women’s health. Depending on where the nurse lives and works, additional coursework and clinical hours may be required. An interest in women’s health and ability to cope with possibly stressful and life-threatening patient conditions are useful assets for a gynecology nurse.

Salary and Career Outlook

Gynecology nurses are specialty nurses, so their salary is higher than a general registered nurse living and working in the same area. According to the most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurses had a median income of $70,000-73,000 in 2011. Specialty nurses can expect to out earn registered nurses, but the actual salary amounts will vary based on job description, location and experience.

The schedule for a gynecology nurse can vary depending on where the nurse is working. A nurse working in a hospital may need to be available any time of the day or night, since hospital facilities are open 24 hours a day. Gynecology nurses working in doctor’s offices usually maintain a regular schedule of daytime hours that follow the doctor’s schedule.

Registered nurses have a very good job outlook overall, and demand is expected to continue to increase over the next decade, according to the Board of Labor Statistics. With an aging female population, expanded life expectancy for women and ongoing population growth, gynecology nurses should expect to see continued and increased demand for the foreseeable future.

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