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Marketing Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 22, 2012

In any business, marketing is a very important aspect. Marketing sounds like an easy, flexible purpose in business; however, it is the complete opposite. The sales and marketing department operates 24/7 year round.  Everyone who works in this division are looking for ways to beat the competition by showing off their products and have people trust in their products/services. Hiring a good marketing manager will help your business expand in many positive ways. Marketing managers have a wide range of duties and generally communicate with the owner of the business.

Marketing Manager Overview

The marketing managers overall job description always varies depending on the type of industry they are in and the size of the business. There are several requirements that a marketing manager needs and some of these requirements, you are born with it like creativity or sociability. The requirements for a marketing manager include excellent communication, writing, problem solving, scheduling, and the ability to work well under intense pressure. A marketing manager needs to look at the long term goals for the marketing department that could translate to establishing long term relationships with vendors, agencies, consumers, etc.  Finally, the marketing manager needs great leadership skills to guide their team in accomplishing the company’s mission and vision.

Job Description

Marketing manager’s job description varies daily, which makes the job interesting. Generally, marketing managers oversee employees in the marketing division along with strategizing ways to expand the company or build brand awareness around the company’s products or services. The marketing team does a lot of market research by studying the demographic, geographic, buyer’s behaviors, etc. before launching a product or service.  Once the product or service launched, they will examine how the market reacts and create case studies around it to display the results to their partners, investors, or senior management.  Marketing managers duties may include pitching ideas to agencies or large brands, manage the marketing budget, analyze the marketing channels both online and offline, strategize to build brand exposure, among other things.  The decisions marketing managers make will determine the success of a product/service launch.  Finally, there are times where marketing managers will speak at tradeshows, conferences, etc. to show brands, agenices, partners, and investors; they are the industry expert and you should consult with them on your next marketing project.

Marketing Manager Pressure

Marketing managers work under extreme pressure because the company’s success relies on their strategical and analytical mindset.  In general, business is simple and the saying goes “if it doesn’t make dollars then it doesn’t make sense.”  It is an extremely cut throat business where marketing managers who does not show results will be let go immediately because the market is very competitive.  They usually get one shot at building a successful product/service, so planning, analyzing, strategizing, etc. are critical to their job.  If marketing managers are able to generate sales and show their worth by growing company’s profits, your job will be secure and you should move up the corporate ladder fairly quickly.

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