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What is the Job Market Outlook for Accountants?

Job Market Outlook October 1, 2013

Every job has its risks. Every serious opportunity in life has at least two or three big risks, but in order to minimize them it is shrewd to take a look at the overview. In this case, accounting, the task is to inspect financial accounts and keep accurate records.

Those inspected and revised accounts will be completed by a bookkeeper and then reviewed by the professional accountant. The skills you will be expected to have are substantial.

What Does the Market Look Like in the New Age?

With the rise of the internet and different companies and globalized world communication, a second language is a majorly decided advantage. Even if no one else speaks the language, the value raises your annual income. If you work in a multi-national company and want to be paid more in less time, learning a second or even third language is what many accountants are doing in 2013. In addition, computing and the smooth use of accounting software is an advantage.

From the market’s outlook, there is good news for 2010 all the way to 2020. A rise in employment is expected. There will be a 16% increase in the field, which is formidable considering the national average of other professions. There is now a greater need for accurate recording procedures, revising and reporting financial documentation.

According to the statistics, only one fifth of accountants do their job for 40 hours or over each week. Expect that to rise at the end of each financial year on a consistent basis, as accountants are busy—not only during tax time—but throughout the year, given the recession and many complications that arise in the budgets of clients all year round. The median salary averages about $60,000 per year, but as you establish credibility and a name, recognized as an expert, the more you can earn.

While some accountants have found work in companies without a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), you are competing against a large selection of accountants, most of whom have CPA status. Again, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the crowd is to embrace regional or even international opportunity and learn another language, one that can demonstrate your value to a company that markets in these areas.

Advice on How to Demonstrate Value, to Clients and Hiring Staff

Accounting jobs are certainly not easy, not to perform, or to find. However, as globalization and open communities become a part of culture, the market shows unlimited potential.

Certification actually does increase your salary by as much as fifteen percent while also ensuring a longer interview, as your resume cannot be easily dismissed become of lack of experience. Another option is to specialize in a niche field, such as managerial work, forensic work, or a related topic.

Last but not least, network in the community and let others know that you do have the essential CPA-quality skills that make you a commodity in a world stricken with financial doubt and growing pains.

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