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What Is the Job Market Outlook for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)?

Job Market Outlook July 3, 2014

Job outlook for EMTs

EMTs live exciting lives saving those that are in need. It’s a field many people want to get into but are not sure what the job market holds for EMTs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts there will be a 55,300 or 23% increase in the number of EMT jobs. If 23% sounds like a lot, it is, since the Bureau of Labor Statistics rates it as “much faster than average” growth. For those looking to become EMTs, you will probably find plenty of places to work. Why so?

Demand for all medical jobs is booming

Not only are EMTs in demand, but nurses are expected to see a 19% rise over 10 years and an extremely high increase of 38% for physician assistants. The estimated amount of job growth for EMTs is only 1%, which is lower than the estimated 24% for all health technologists and technicians in the nation. It seems that, overall, the medical industry is greatly in need of employees.

In part, the reason for growth is an aging baby boomer generation that is requiring more medical care. Private ambulance services are the ones that pick up patients at nursing homes and take them to their medical appointments. These private ambulance services are staffed by EMTs. Those considering a job in EMS will want to make sure they are skilled in geriatric care.

It’s a recession proof field

While unemployment might be high for those in manufacturing and services-based industries, no matter the state of the economy, people still get hurt. The U.S. population keeps rising, and that means so does the demand for cities to provide emergency care for them. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Couple the growing population with one that’s growing older, and it’s not hard to see why this field is growing even amongst an economic slump.

There’s not enough room in hospitals

It’s no secret that hospitals are overcrowded and many are not able to provide trauma or specialized care. When a patient cannot get the care they need at one facility, they need to be moved by EMTs to another facility. From 2003 to 2009, the wait time in emergency rooms increased by 25%. This increase in overcrowding leads to more patient transfers and thus a greater demand for more EMTs.

Based on the amount of hospital overcrowding, an aging population, and a population that’s growing, it’s not hard to see why EMT jobs are in hot demand. This increase in the amount of EMT jobs means that as long as an applicant is skilled, he or she will be able to find a job in this felid.

The only issue that the increase in demand can bring is a flood of people looking for work that may not have a real interest in the field. For those interested in this area of employment, you will have very little problem getting into the action, so don’t wait too long. Start training for EMT work today!

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