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Your Resume Tells your REAL Story

Resume & Interview November 1, 2012

You can’t really understand the importance of a well written resume unless you see it from the position of the human resource personnel manager or recruiter. Human Resource managers see a huge amount of poorly written or badly elaborated pieces where the potential employees could really do some good with resume advice. Do you know where most of these bad pieces end up? In the trash, that is the awful truth! The worst part is every human resource manager feels badly for these candidates because they took time out from their day to labor over this horribly written resume and no one will look at it.

Get the perfect resume tips before you start writing. The right resume advice, especially if you haven’t updated it in a while, can help place your application among the top candidacies for the job. Besides, resume tips can’t hurt and probably offer significant resume improvement. The following are some great resume tips you can use to improve the way your resume reads and looks.

The Cover Letter Advice

Every improving resume tip ever written always suggests you include a relevant cover letter. It is important that you include a short cover letter that informs the reader of the position you are applying for. You don’t know how many applications or positions a prospective employer could have available at any given moment—and if the recruiter isn’t sure of what position you are applying for, they will most likely throw out your application and not bother trying to investigate.

Up-to-Date Personal Details are Important

Keeping personal information current is probably one of the most important part of a resume. You could be the most experienced and best qualified candidate for any given position, if a recruiter can’t reach you either by email or phone—then what is the purpose of submitting your application?

Changes to any personal information like email address or phone number needs to be typed out. Applicants who manually cross out information and fill it in with hand written numbers or words, not only make their information look sloppy, but give recruiters the impression they do not care much in improving their resume information. This means, the applicant’s ethics suffer the same lack of quality.

Resume Tips from Experts Suggest You Stick to Relevant Information

Most prospective employers don’t care whether you were a member of your local band or Girl Scout Club, when you were about ten years old. Not unless, this information relates to the position you are applying for. Keep all information, education and interests related to the position you want to achieve, especially when you are improving resume information.

Spelling and Punctuation Say Resume Advice Experts

OK, we can’t all be grammarians or perfect spellers, but most computers include tools that help you, and running a spell check on your work is probably one of the easiest things to do. Professional resume writers say “Turning in a resume with obvious spelling and punctuation errors is a real turn-off,” and to some degree, is a glaring demonstration of a lack of education (even if this is not so).  Always proof-read your resume and cover letter to make sure everything is accurately detailed, remember to remove any typos, poor grammar, extra spacing or miss-spelled words.

Keep it Neat and to the Point when Improving Resume Information

Prospective employers do not have the time to read books when reviewing candidate qualifications. Resume improvement experts recommend you keep it short, sweet and to the point. Do not go into many details and keep your resume to a maximum of two pages. Any improvements to resume that is longer than this will be too much to read.

Get Help

If you know you are deficient in grammar, punctuation or getting your point across in writing, find the right resume advice or assistance. There are lots of different resume writing services that can help with your resume improvement efforts, and enhance the look of your resume based on relevant work and life skills.

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