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3 Things to know about Insulin Pump School

Higher Education Articles October 13, 2013

Insulin-dependent diabetes is a serious condition that might require youths and parents to attend an insulin pump school to learn about treatment options. Since the diabetes requires an insulin shot or insulin injected into the body through a pump, it will require hands-on knowledge and preparation for better management.

The use of an insulin pump can help improve the situation, but only when individuals are prepared to learn the proper way to use the pump.

School is Available to Patients

Attending insulin pump school is not limited to healthcare professionals. In fact, the school is designed around the needs of patients. According to the Diabetes Research Institute, courses are designed to teach hands-on skills related to using insulin pump therapy.

Every patient needs to understand the different pumps that are available, how to use the pump appropriately, and basic skills that make diabetes management easier with a pump.

Since the students attending insulin pump school are often the patient and parents of the patient, the classes are designed around the basic usage of the pump. The therapy allows patients to control and manage diabetes more effectively, which requires appropriate knowledge to avoid accidents or challenges associated with the pump.

The School Teaches Personalization

According to the American Diabetes Association, an insulin pump is designed to help improve patient control over diabetes by eliminating the need for daily injections and allowing immediate adjustments when blood glucose levels are within dangerous ranges. That improved control is only one part of using an insulin pump, but the regular insulin is still a necessity.

Insulin-dependent diabetes are not the same in every individual, which means that the classes in an insulin pump school must provide the tools individuals need to personalize the settings on a pump.

According to the University of California at San Francisco, the diabetes workshops are designed to build on prior knowledge of managing the condition. Since students are expected to understand the basics of counting carbohydrates and similar details, the classes can focus on getting used to wearing and using the pump.

Personalization takes place as students understand the uses of an insulin pump. Since the amount of insulin required for each individual will vary, the settings will need to work around the needs of the individual. The classes will teach different personalization settings and ways to adjust the pump based on changes to diet, exercise or other lifestyle habits that might impact blood glucose levels.

Classes Provide Practice

Although the schools are designed to teach patients and their parents if the patient is still a minor, the classes will also provide practice in the use of the pump throughout the day. Practice with professional guidance is the best way to learn the basic usage of the selected pump because the certified educators can work through challenges as they arise.

By taking the time to practice the use of the pump before using it in normal lifestyle activities, the management of diabetes becomes easier. The practice also provides the opportunity to ask questions when something goes wrong or when troubleshooting issues arise.

Managing insulin-dependent diabetes requires the proper tools. Although daily injections can provide the tools to keep diabetes under control, it is not always enough for the needs of different patients. By attending an insulin pump school and gaining information about the usage and benefits of a pump, patients can determine if the treatment is appropriate for their goals, wants or needs.

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