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Adult Technical Schools in Connecticut with Program Summaries

Higher Education Articles March 6, 2013

Technical school education is offered to adult students through Connecticut’s twelve community colleges. The National Science Foundation has partially funded the technical education programs in Connecticut that have been devised to satisfy the demand for skilled workers by the local industry. Numerous scholarships are being offered to encourage adult students to complete an associate degree program before transferring to a bachelor degree program in various technical fields at a Connecticut university.

Adult Technical Education Programs at the College of Technology

Adult technical school education is provided at an affordable price through the College of Technology. Some options in the technological or engineering science studies pathways lead to associate or certificate degrees in technical fields, including the ones outlined below. College of Technology primary goal for students who graduated is for them to transfer to a Connecticut university to earn a Bachelor of Science in technology or engineering.

Program in Fiber Optics

Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut offers an associate degree program to adult students in fiber optics and laser technology. The on-campus fiber optics and laser laboratories are supported by the National Science Foundation grants and local industry partners.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Manchester Community College offers adults an opportunity to complete an associate degree program in manufacturing engineering technology either during the day or evening. Once students complete the program that include courses in manufacturing processes, circuit analysis, and physics; they will be able to transfer to Central Connecticut State University.

Program in Machine Technology

Machine technology program at Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, Connecticut offers a comprehensive education in science, math, and engineering technology. While students are enrolled in an associate degree program, they can complete level one and two certificates in machine technology that will prepare them for further education or employment as a machinist.

Program in Electrical Engineering

An accredited program leading to an Associate of Science degree in electrical engineering is offered by Gateway Community College in North Haven, Connecticut. During an internship, graduates can perform related tasks practiced, operate test instruments, and analyze circuits.

Contact Information
•Address: Connecticut Community Colleges, 61 Woodland Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06105
•Phone Number: 860-244-7600

Adult Technical Education Programs at Central Connecticut State University

Adults who are employed in skilled technical jobs and completed an associate degree program should pursue an undergraduate and graduate degree program in industrial and engineering technology at Central Connecticut State University. The school offers advanced adult technical education, including some of the Bachelor of Science programs listed below:

Civil Engineering Technology

Students who graduated from the Bachelor of Science in civil engineering technology program can apply engineering concepts to the construction and planning of large structures, including bridges and airports. With a foundation in chemistry, physics, and math; students take practical courses in construction, materials, and surveying.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Adult students apply technical and engineering skills to a variety of manufacturing processes in the manufacturing engineering technology undergraduate degree program. Graduates work on quality assurance, manufacturing design, facilities layout, and robotics, among other areas.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

This bachelor degree program focuses on component analysis, mechanical design and product development. The campus’s fluids laboratories, material testing, and automation provide students with industrial experience.

Electronics Technology

In addition to electronics technical skills, the bachelor degree program will teach adult students about management skills that will help them obtain leadership positions. Courses that are specialized provide students options to develop expertise in robotics, automated manufacturing systems, and computer programming.

Industrial Technology

Adult students enrolled in this undergraduate degree program are allowed to choose a specialization in technology management, manufacturing, occupational and environmental safety, and electro-mechanical technology. Graduate degree programs in construction and technology management are offered by the Manufacturing and Construction Management Department.

Contact Information
•Address: 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06050
•Phone Number: 860-832-2278

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