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Examples of NCLEX-RN Cardiac Care Questions

Higher Education Articles March 28, 2013

The National Council for Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses is a required exam that all aspiring nurses must take to become a licensed RN. The exam is meant to test the proficiency in various health areas that the nurse should have covered in their degree program.

Below is a selection of questions that a nursing student may encounter on the cardiac care portion of the test.

How are beta blockers used to treat dysrhythmias?

The above question assesses the nurse’s knowledge in the area of cardiac treatment. In order to successfully answer this question, a nurse must understand the role of beta blockers, how they treat dysrhythmias and their level of effectiveness.

If designing a plan of care for a patient with cardiac dysrhythmias, what is a reasonable expectation for the outcome?

In order to predict the treatment outcome, a nurse will first need to know the necessary steps to restore the patient to good health. Understanding and implementing a treatment plan is a key component of the nursing role. The ability to answer this question effectively is important for nurses seeking to gain experience in a cardiac unit.

If you are treating a patient with a 20,000/micro liter platelet count, what is an appropriate reaction to take?

In order to correctly answer this question, a nurse should have specific knowledge of the cardiovascular system, including the ideal number of platelets and other measures of blood count. Furthermore, the nurse should know their role in the healthcare system, when they should intervene and when the physician should intervene.

For a patient who is diagnose with polycythemia vera, which of the following symptoms is likely to be present?

In the process of delivering a plan of care, a nurse must be able to recognize and accurately detail any symptoms that the patient encounters. This question seeks to ensure that the nurse has an adequate knowledge of the symptoms and cardiac conditions to care for cardiology patients.

Among the various risk factors for coronary artery disease, which factor is modifiable?

When recording risk factors in a patient’s condition, it is the nurse’s responsibility to educate the patient on specific steps that they can take to improve their conditions. While physicians treat the patient as well, the nurse takes responsibility to discuss lifestyle habits and changes that can be implemented to improve the condition.


In summary, the National Council for Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses ensures that nurses have the required knowledge and skill to assist patients in a healthcare setting.

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