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Factors to Consider When Selecting an MBA Program That Does Not Require GMAT Scores

Higher Education Articles May 7, 2015

There are numerous onsite and online MBA programs that do not require the GMAT. The GRE may be a requirement, but some do not require either exam, especially for those with years of corporate experience. Students in these programs will learn the skills needed to help them expand their income potential and opportunities in the world of business.

Selecting an MBA Program That Does Not Require GMAT Scores

In this article, we take a look at some important factors to consider when you select an MBA program that does not require GMAT scores.


Students who seek an MBA program primarily match their scheduling flexibility with the time required by the program. Schools offer programs in online, night, weekend, and weekday formats; individuals enrolled in the night and weekend programs may need to take some time away from their daily occupations. Many programs require international travel. Those in full-time employment wishing to attend classes are required to obtain approval or sponsorship from their current employer before they can commit.

Admission Prerequisites

Applicants to the program must submit transcript records from all graduate and undergraduate schools and augment these with interviews, essays, and letters of recommendation. While some schools require corporate experience, others value it. Letters of recommendation that come from supervisors are preferable.

Students seeking admission to some business schools may be required to submit up to four essays. These essays may revolve around topics such as the student’s career objectives, description of overcoming a personal challenge, and the ways in which they would change the business world if they had the opportunity. Schools with no GMAT requirement place heavy emphasis on these admission requirements that are more qualitative in nature.


The demographic background of fellow students must be taken into account by incoming students to the program. MBA programs usually have students in their late 20s or early 30s. BusinessWeek’s 2009 list of top 30 business schools reveals a ratio of 2:1 of men over women.


Coursework in the majority of MBA programs is available in subject areas such as accounting, marketing, business administration, and finance. Selecting a school with a large choice of courses would enable a prospective student to find a discipline catering to his or her ultimate career goal. Students interested in a particular industry or company should research to find out which school executives working in that industry attended.


Prospective students should seek business schools with ongoing relationships with corporations to facilitate the participation of students in internships. Armed with such experiences, they can seek permanent positions after they graduate. Information about available resources to help secure a position after graduation is obtainable from the school’s job placement office.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Programs

Core coursework in most MBA programs includes a list of eight to ten subject areas. Students can complete courses in their specializations of choice that could include areas such as analytic, corporate strategy, international business, marketing, business development, and corporate finance.

Students can use these programs to obtain positions as sales managers, marketing directors, entrepreneurs, accountants, financial analysts, venture capitalists, money managers, consultants, and bankers (retail, corporate, and investment).

Online, self-paced programs apart, schools offer executive, part-time, two-year, and one-year programs. Applicants to executive MBA programs are usually expected to have many years of corporate experience. Classes taken by MBA candidates include subject areas such as:

•Operations management
•Financial accounting

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