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Five Best College Degrees with Stable Jobs

Higher Education Articles November 27, 2012

Choosing the best college degree is never easy. Making a decision on what degree to pursue requires plenty of consideration based on what you want and the possibility of landing a job after graduation.

Penn State conducted a research in 2005 and found that fifty percent of college students changed majors at least once before they graduate. This research shows that it is difficult deciding what degree to pursue.

These are the top five college degrees rated by PayScale 2012 “Best Undergrad College Degrees by Salary.” It showcase five degrees based on earning potential, job availability, and stability of the job.

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Computers are an enormous part of your everyday life. People use computers on a regular basis that makes their lives easier and less complicated. Earning a bachelor degree in computer science certainly helps land you a job and it has a terrific job market outlook. With a computer science degree, you can pursue a career as a computer programmer or a software engineer. There are plenty of opportunities for computer science majors, and you can venture into career fields such as software applications and computer gaming.

A computer science graduate earns an annual average salary of $56,200 and by midcareer increased to $97,700 annually.

Bachelor Degree in Accounting

An accountancy profession can be varied. An accountant can function as budget analysts, financial clerks, public accountant or a personal accountant in any private firm. Accountancy courses deal with finances, earning prediction and much more. This degree is especially useful in the business world and has positive earnings potential. The usual income of accountancy graduates is $44,600 annually and rise to $77,500 yearly overtime.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

The field of Business Administration is exceptionally broad, which is beneficial because it offers graduates a lot of job opportunities in different areas. Business Administration graduates can work in accounting firms, marketing industries, consumer package goods, and much more. This college degree considered one of the most reliable and best degrees due to job opportunities. The average starting salary for business graduate is $41,100 and will grow to $70,600 annually.

Bachelor Degree in Information Technology

Information Technology deals with communications, computer sciences, and programming. It is one of the booming majors due to the growth of computers and programming usage. Majority of household owns a computer, so everyone needs an information technologist to deal with their computer programming and repairs. The starting salary for IT graduates are $40,600 annually and rise to $79,300 yearly overtime.

Bachelor Degree in Marketing

Everyone in the marketing field has creative skills in product advertising, packaging, sales, distribution, and production. A bachelor degree in marketing will give you plenty of options in regards to job opportunities. Consumers are making purchases on a regular basis, so a career in marketing is particularly valuable because brands need your creative mindset to advertise their products/services to consumers.  This gives bachelor degree holders in marketing an advantage compared to other college degrees. The average annual salary is $38,600 and gradually increase to $77,300 yearly overtime.

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