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Five Degrees that can Help You Rebound to Success

Higher Education Articles November 16, 2012

This article is meant for those who have recently had a slump in their career. Whether it is in the form of fewer hours of work or being laid off.  Take a look at five college degrees you can consider earning that would help you rally to success.

Rebound with a Degree in Business Administration

A bachelor degree in business administration is for you, if you have never been to school, but want to get ahead in the corporate world and don’t know what direction to take. The courses offered – such as finance, human resources and business law will help you hone your writing skills, speaking and leadership, apart from helping you improve your problem-solving ability. A bachelor degree in business administration is your best bet to help you target a variety of career options. For instance, a business administration degree will help you pursue a lucrative career as a financial analyst or even a personal financial advisor.

Rebound with a Degree in Health Services Administration

If (a) you want to help people, (b) you have managerial and organizational skills, and (c) you are looking for a career in the medical field, a bachelor degree in health care administration or health services administration is what you need to rally to success. This degree will prepare you to work in a HMO, a health-related firm, or a hospital. As a health care administration graduate, you will gain expertise in overseeing the services of health care providers. Popular course include health economics, accounting and budgeting, strategic planning, HR administration, and hospital administration and management. The degree will help you pursue a career as a medical and health services manager. You could pursue a master degree in business administration, public administration or health services.

Rebound with a Degree in Accounting

If you enjoy keeping track of charges, receipts and bills; you demonstrate a clear desire to earn a bachelor degree in accounting. A degree in accounting will enable you to pursue a career as an accountant or an auditor. The courses offered will help you in gathering, recording, analyzing, interpreting and communication of the financial performance and risks relating to an individual or organization. (Some firms require a master degree in business administration or accounting.)

Rebound with a Degree in Computer Science

If you have a penchant for tinkering with computers you could target a degree in computer science as part of your career come-back strategy. Apart from technical skills, the course will prepare you with managerial skills that are in demand in the United States during an era when IT jobs are moving overseas. Problem-solving skills and teamwork are sought to be honed in computer science graduate courses that focus on software engineering, digital system design and artificial intelligence. A computer science graduate degree will equip you for a career as a computer and information systems manager.

Rebound with a Degree in Communications

If you are leaning towards journalism and have a good grasp of social media, you should make a career come-back with a bachelor degree in communications. In this highly evolving field of communications, you should aim to hone in on speaking, editing, and writing skills in courses that focus on areas such as public speaking, public relations writing, and media analysis and criticism. A degree in communications will be the first choice of recruiters who seek people that have studied business, communications, journalism, or public relations and you can chart a comeback career in a Public Relation specialist position.

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