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How do I Determine if I need a RN Refresher Course?

Higher Education Articles August 17, 2013

There could be many reasons for it, but sometimes nurses need to take some time off from the profession. Whether it is to raise a family, pursue another career or because you were laid off, taking time off from nursing means that you may need to get back in the swing of things before you get back to work. So, what is the solution? An RN refresher course will help you relearn the knowledge you need to get back into the field. Those who have been nursing, but worked in a non-hospital setting may also benefit from this form of continuing education. Learn more about how to find these classes, what you can expect if you decide to pursue an RN refresher course and other considerations—this will help you make the right decision.

Finding Classes

There are many options for online refresher courses. Depending on where you are interested in working, you may be able to qualify for a course from your potential employer. This is ideal since it may save you money and would give you an education specifically targeted towards your chosen job. If this is not an option, then consider some of these ideas:

Online Refresher Courses – These are extremely flexible and may allow you renew your education even as you continue working your full-time job.
Local Colleges or Universities – This type of program is often more in-depth than other continuing education programs.
Apprenticeship – These are more uncommon, but working under the tutelage of another nurse can allow you to improve your skills while getting back into the field.

What to Expect

The coursework and program will vary, depending on how you choose to refresh your skills; however, the program will give you some of the same knowledge you learned back in nursing school, but in a fast-paced environment, since it is just a refresher. You will also learn about how technology has changed in recent years. If you have been out of the nursing field for many years, you may be surprised by how much technology is involved in nursing now. Putting all of these pieces together will help you understand the profession as it currently is—making you the best nurse you can possibly be.

Other Considerations

Before you sign up for one of these courses, make certain that it is designed to give you the knowledge you need. Talk to your employer or potential employers and see what they want you to know. There is no need in taking one of these classes if it provides information that will not benefit you in the field. Another consideration is that you want to make certain the classes you take are worth it when it comes to cost. Some of the programs offered by major universities are extremely expensive that recouping the investment may not happen. Sometimes a less-expensive option may give you all the education that you need.

As you can see, an RN refresher course may be just what you need to revitalize your nursing career. Look into the choices available to you and choose one that will help you get back in the industry and become the best nurse you can be.

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