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How to Select an Emergency Medical Technician School

Higher Education Articles November 16, 2012

When you select an appropriate emergency medical technician program to enroll into, make sure you verify that students will be ready for EMT certification once the graduation course is completed. You must look for a school that provides a great foundation in emergency care with a curriculum that includes hands-on training and courses that are up-to-date.  Most schools offer a variety of programs including a basic certification course, an associate paramedical degree course and a bachelor in emergency medical services management.

In the event of an emergency such as an accident, emergency medical technicians (EMT) will be the first ones who render medical treatment to the injured after evaluating how severe are their wounds.  The lives of the injured depends on and usually saved by the depth of the EMT’s knowledge and their quick response. Accordingly, EMTs need to be given proper training at emergency medical technician schools and licensed by the state before they can provide emergency medical treatment.

State licensure extends to five levels of EMTs: the first level are the responder, followed by a basic license, in turn followed by intermediate-85 licensure, thereafter by an intermediate-99 license and finally by a level five paramedic license.  If you are looking for an EMT graduate studies for level one licensure then before enrolling make sure graduates will be able to qualify for their state’s EMT-Basic certification exam.

Similarly, if you want to take advanced courses at the same college make sure the courses will help you get ready for each level of licensure exam.  You must consider whether the emergency medical technician school, you plan to enroll into provides a strong knowledge base with courses and training that are consistent with the evolving needs of a growing career field.  Online studies are available for continued education and re-certification. You can opt for online programs that encourage continued education leading to renewal of certification.

Various Types of EMT Programs

EMT Certification Course

In the emergency medical technician certification program, students are ready to take the certification exam (under the aegis of the National Registry of EMT) with a combination of classroom work and field experience under licensed supervision.  Basic knowledge of medical terminology, pharmacology, physiology and anatomy are imparted in the course.  The coursework includes hands-on experience in workshops devised to convey instructions on how to handle metabolic, toxicological, respiratory and cardiac emergencies.  The certificate program can be completed within 21-45 credit hours.

Associate Degree in Para-medicine

This is a two-year program to meet the requirement of students seeking EMT licensure (of the highest level) to practice para-medicine.  Students who have earned basic or intermediate certification are authorized to enroll for this structured program that is a combination of classroom work, internships and clinical hands-on experience.  Professors will focus on subjects like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques, advanced life support techniques, emergency vehicle operations, and water rescue methods. Students who complete the course will be prepared to take state and national certification exams.

Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Management

This is a four-year program that will help students perform emergency medical services in an effective way. Business subjects such as statistics, financial management and marketing are taught to supplement classroom lectures in science, clinical management and health science.

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