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How to Select Pyrotechnics Training School

Higher Education Articles December 27, 2012

Pyrotechnics is the term used to describe the display of fireworks. This has practical uses in certain professional fields such as the military, which use chemicals that produce smoke or light in ammunition; pyrotechnics are used by the military that perform different functions such as illuminating, screening or signaling. If you are a student interested in learning how to design and use pyrotechnics, there are many school programs and training courses students can choose from. In this article, we will discuss what an aspiring student should look for while selecting a pyrotechnics training school to join.

In order to become proficient at using pyrotechnics — as for instance, fireworks — students can consider enrolling into a training program offered by professional organizations and fireworks display providers. Companies specializing in pyrotechnics offer some of these programs and once students have completed the training program, they can look for a job placement.

Safe handling procedures and display choreography are among the coursework covered by some programs. There are pyrotechnics programs offered by colleges through their fine arts or chemistry departments. For instance, pyrotechnics could be used as special effects in an on-stage show or in a film, and if students are involved in this area of study, they can enroll for a scene construction course offered at some colleges. Coursework in a pyrotechnics program conducted by the chemistry department of a college will include explanations about the chemical properties of explosive materials and the history of pyrotechnics.

Coursework in pyrotechnics courses for military students will cover the kinds and uses of different types of explosives used in combat situations, including military munitions such as grenades, smoke pots, and flares, among others. There are a few pyrotechnics programs in the United States that offer master degrees in mining or mechanical engineering, with specialization in explosives engineering. If students are interested in learning how to design pyrotechnics, they can enroll into an engineering course.

Pyrotechnics Programs Overview

Training Programs in Pyrotechnics

Professional organizations, the United States military and fireworks display companies are among those who offer various training courses in pyrotechnics. There are one-day classes that students can enroll into, these classes help satisfy licensure norms in some states that require an operator’s license. Apart from safety, coursework in these programs cover methods of display set up and ignition. There are operator’s guild programs that award professional certification to students who complete the training programs.

Master of Science (M.S.) Programs in Explosives Engineering

Students enrolled in mining or mechanical engineering programs who want to complete an advanced degree program in pyrotechnics can consider enrolling into a M.S. program. Prospective candidates will need a strong background in science and math. Coursework in explosives engineering programs usually covers topics such as shock physics, wave propagation, detonation theory, fireworks design, and movie special effects.

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