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Information on Degree Programs in Media Studies

Higher Education Articles December 16, 2015

Pursuing a degree program in Communications or Media studies can equip you with reporting skills, writing, education and production of various media platforms. However, do you know about job availability in this profession? What about the salary outlook? If not, read this article to get all the details.

Career Information for Individuals with a Media Studies Degree

A degree program in media studies or Communications can help you understand how people use the media to exchange information and ideas. After successfully completing a degree program in this area, you are now eligible to get a job in broadcast journalism, reporting, writing, advertising or public relations.

Career Advertising Sales Person Television News Producer Television or Radio Reporting
Education details Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree
Estimated job growth rate -1% 3% -13%
Average annual salary $47,900 $69,100 $36,000

Skills Gained in Media Studies Degree Programs

A degree program in either communications media or media studies offers a lot about writing and communicating for mass audiences. As expected, these degree programs train students to be journalists, writers, public relations officers or any other career that requires good communication skills.

So, while in college, students learn how to apply interpersonal communication skills in their lives, mass media, rhetoric and public speaking. Training covers both theoretical and practical work, offering skills in reporting, editing and production of media platforms.

Job Opportunities for those with a Media Studies Degree

Advertising Sales Persons

By applying their communications and advertising skills, advertising sales people spend their time analyzing target markets, meeting with potential clients and securing advertising contracts for the media houses that they work for. Usually, broadcasting media houses are the biggest employers for advertising sales people, although newspapers, magazines, websites and radio stations can also be potential employers.

A good advertising sales person must know how to utilize their skills wisely in order to generate revenue for their employers. In most cases, these people may also be involved in the preparation of adverts either by staying in touch with advertising agencies or by working with the departments that do advertising in the media houses that they work for.

Salary Information

The job growth rate is -1%, partly due to the increase in new media and digital advertising platforms. So, if you want to be on the safe side, learning more about digital advertising media can boost your chances of getting great jobs in this field. The average salary as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was $47,900 by May 2014.

Television News Producers

Television news producers spend their time ensuring that news and TV programs run smoothly without any glitches whatsoever. They look at the content being conveyed to the masses, edit it, and also approve or reject scripts and videos sent to them by journalists and reporters.

Salary Details

According to the BLS, producers and directors earn an average salary of $71,350 during the 2012 to 2022 decade.

TV Reporters

TV reporters provide factual and current information to people. The information can be based on research, interviews, accidents or leads given to them by reliable personnel. Jobs for TV reporters are projected to reduce at a high rate of 13% within the next few years. Additionally, the BLS estimates that the average annual salary in this career was $36,000 in 2014.

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