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List of Top Nursing Magazines

Higher Education Articles July 7, 2013

Nursing is a demanding field. With the workload nearly every nurse deals with, it can be hard to keep up with new methods and practices. One way to keep up with the times and interact with the nursing community is to find a nursing magazine. Sometimes you need to find a supplemental course near you, or sometimes you just want to find out what is new in the industry. To help we have compiled a list of the top nursing magazines available today.

Whether you are a nursing administrator or a nurse in the thick of an emergency room, there is something on this list for you.

Journal of Nursing Care Quality

The Journal of Nursing Care Quality is another peer-reviewed magazine that is well respected in the industry. Their aim is to provide professionals with knowledge for improvement and a forum to discuss methods and new research. The magazine comes in quarterly installments and features an online edition. The online edition offers back issues and is simple and easy to use.

American Journal of Nursing

The self-proclaimed “Leading voice of Nursing since 1900” is the industry standard for scholarly articles and knowledge in the field of nursing. Well-researched and documented articles are the feature at American Journal of Nursing. The magazine comes in monthly installments. AJN focuses on knowledge and information, and there is an online version of the magazine. The magazine is also a leader in the news and the medical field. Articles are peer reviewed, and the magazine is the winner of several awards throughout its history. The journal does not simply concentrate on one aspect of nursing or one region; they have a distinctly world-centric approach.

The online version offers multimedia and articles that are available through the magazine as well. In addition to the online and print editions, American Journal of Nursing also features an iPhone app. American Journal of nursing is for industry professionals at the leading edge of their field.

Nursing Management Magazine

Nursing management magazine is a central location for most topics resources. The magazine has a simple and easy to use online component. Offering how-to articles, forums and opinion pieces, the magazine offers nearly everything an aspiring nurse or current nurse might need.

The magazine stays relevant and fresh by offering a monthly issue. Their website even features career advice, events, a learning zone, and videos columns for nurses who are looking for help or career advice.

Advances in Nursing Science Magazine

Advances in Nursing Science Magazine are possibly the most respected magazine in the field. The magazine focuses on peer-reviewed articles and each magazine concentrates on a central theme. The magazine is both topical and groundbreaking and is focused on groundbreaking treatments and applications.

The magazine pays special attention to treatments, medicines, and events that are considered the future of the field. Although sometimes dry, straightforward and analytical, the magazine has a tremendous source of information and a useful resource for those in the nursing field to stay up to date and informed.

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