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Online Statistics Course: Find Free Stats Courses Online

Higher Education Articles February 6, 2013

Course content is increasingly being offered online by accredited universities and colleges worldwide through the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) and the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. Several renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer free college-level statistics programs. In this article, we will look at some prominent universities that offer college-level statistics programs online.

How to Find Free Statistics Courses Online?

The following colleges and universities provide college-level statistics courses online. Students will not be able to earn a certificate or a degree and these courses are not guided by an instructor, the course content has been made available to self-learners without a fee and students do not need to enroll or register for the courses.

Carnegie Mellon University

OpenCourseWare has a sister project called the Open Learning Initiative (OLI), of which, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is a participant member. The Open Learning Initiative collect information on student learning, so it can provide feedback to course designers and instructors with the goal of creating scientifically-based online courses, which impose instruction and they are available for free to all. Open Learning Initiative statistics courses offered via Carnegie Mellon University include:

Empirical Research Method
Statistical Reasoning
Causal and Statistical Reasoning
Probability and Statistics

Johns Hopkins University

The Bloomberg School of Public Health at John Hopkins University (JHSPH) offers their exceedingly popular courses online through OpenCourseWare. The school aims at providing open access to all interested individuals to information regarding public health challenges and their solutions. Thus, all coursework is relevant to issues in world health. Statistics-related OpenCourseWare courses at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health include:

Introduction to Biostatistics
Statistics for Laboratory Scientists I
Statistics for Laboratory Scientists II
Biostatistics Lecture Series
Methods in Biostatistics I
Methods in Biostatistics II
Statistics in Psychosocial Research: Measurement
Statistics for Psychosocial Research: Structural Models
Biostatistics for Medical Product Regulation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In 2000, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched its OpenCourseWare website. Today, MIT publishes almost the entire bachelor and master degree program content online for free to students. Several graduate and undergraduate level statistics courses are available via their mathematics OpenCourseWare program including:

Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Learning Theory
Statistics for Applications

Open University

This United Kingdom-based school was launched in order to provide high-quality distance learning for all. The school supports an open admission policy, and students enrolled at this school can earn a certificate or degree online. Open University also offers many free courses online through an OpenLearn website, called The Learning Space. Open University OpenLearn offers statistic courses that include:

Getting Started with SPSS
Finding Information in Mathematics and Statistics

University of Massachusetts – Boston

OpenCourseWare will be available to students at The University of Massachusetts in Boston (UMass Boston) shortly; the school is in the process of building it out. Currently, the school only provides a small percentage of their courses online; UMass Boston is committed to expanding the OpenCourseWare website to cover course materials that are provided from faculties who are interested in participating. The University of Massachusetts OpenCourseWare offers only one statistics course for free at the moment:

Introduction to Applied Statistics

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