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Overview of Business Development Education and Degree Program

Higher Education Articles September 22, 2015

Learn how to become a business development manager

Degree programs in business development are designed to aid students in learning to evaluate and carry out growth ideas and plans of actions at a firm. In addition, such degree programs in the said field are applicable at bachelor’s degree, master’s degree as well as in doctoral degree levels.

These types of programs commonly focus on pinpointing and ironing out business issues by means of having an awareness of legal, social and ethical issues. In like manner, studies in business development at master’s degree level may be established in MBA program. The Master of Business Administration prepares applicants with the necessary skills to search for higher positions in management and development.

Meanwhile, a PhD in business administration is generally required for people who prefer to lecture at the post-secondary level or carry out scholarly research. More than that, graduates may also go in for a job as senior business consultants.

The Levels of Program in the field of Business Development


•Bachelor’s Degree: For a student to be admitted, a high school diploma is stringently required.

•Master’s Degree: This requires a bachelor’s degree that comes with past coursework in business-related fields.

•PhD Degree (Doctoral Programs): This requires a relevant master’s degree and also job experience in that field. This program may also require candidates to work on a dissertation, which they need to defend.

Bachelor of Science in Business Development

A GED certificate or high school diploma is required for a student to enroll. These studies equip graduates for jobs such as market researcher or analyst. Moreover, the baccalaureate program consists of classes that underscore crucial theories in business and their employment in different organizational settings. Subjects which are probably included in the course of study consist of:

•Organizational Behavior
•Fundamentals of Business
•Marketing Research
•Business Statistics
•Supply Chain Management

Master of Business Administration

Students obtain experience in employing business development and principles of administration in different settings. Course here highlight leadership and management practices. Fields of study comprise of entrepreneurship, strategic leadership, project management as well as critical thinking. Generally applicants must obtain a bachelor’s degree in business field or any relevant discipline from an officially recognized university or college. Further, candidates here are typically expected to have finished undergraduate coursework in fields like financial accounting, economics and business management.

Course subjects may compose of:

•Data Analysis
•New Product Innovation
•Negotiation Tactics
•Strategic Management

Ph.D. in Business Administration

Such programs commonly provide superior level of research and study on the business field and their relevant disciplines such as business operations, business development as well as marketing. The length of programs differs, but most institutions require about 45 to 65 hours of coursework aside from the completion of credits in master’s degree in the said field.

Nearly all institutes require the finishing and an oral defense of a PhD dissertation. Here, candidates typically must obtain a master’s degree in the field of business or other relevant field like finance, management and economics. Professional business experience may sometimes be required by other institutes. Apart from these, classes compose of distinguished research in fields and advanced studies such as finance, latest business development, advertising, strategic management and organizational behavior.

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