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Overview of University of Mary RN to MSN Online Programs

Higher Education Articles April 10, 2013

Nursing is currently one of the most understaffed professions in the United States. Acquiring a nursing degree can secure the student for a large variety of jobs, of which, not all are limited to a hospital setting. Nursing jobs are available in senior centers, out-patient clinics and in home environments, as well as in hospital settings.

Available Programs

An associate’s or Bachelor of Science degree in the nursing disciplines is needed to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses must also be licensed and pass a background check. After becoming an RN, the option is open to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). The University of Mary offers online classes for pursuing this goal of higher education.

There are a number of reasons for obtaining a MSN. While a registered nurse has the opportunity to gain experience in a number of care-giving fields, nurse administration and nurse education require the disciplines of a MSN degree. As technology and science discoveries evolve, many hospitals seek specialized nursing skills, requiring advanced education. A shortage of primary care physicians has also increased the demand for MSN nurses.

A MSN degree from the University of Mary creates greater economic opportunity. The top salaries are earned by practitioners with MSN degrees; an average yearly income of $80,000 to 90,000. Certified registered nurse anesthetists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwife and clinical nurse specialists all require a MSN.

Advantages of Taking an Online Degree from U-Mary

The advantage of taking a MSN degree course through the University of Mary is that you may choose your own hours. The course work occupies between 15-20 hours a week, allowing time to work a job or run a household. The criteria here are similar to a classroom environment. Students are expected to finish assignments in a timely manner and submit documents online. The online learning tool, Blackboard, is used, simulating the classroom environment and making it unnecessary to attend formal classes. Technical support assistants are available for the process.

For those who are having financial difficulties, there are scholarships, grants and financial aid available to study in a RN or MSN program. If you have started your nursing career, but do not think you can afford an advanced educational program, talk with a University of Mary specialist to discuss your options.

An Overview of the Course

At the University of Mary, MSN students may study their courses online, leaving flexible hours for other commitments. Undergraduates need a grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher. Necessary documents are a completed application, official transcripts, two letters of reference, a current resume and a professional goals essay, as well as a copy of your current RN license and proof of all required immunizations.

It takes a strong commitment to the well-being of others to become a professional in the nursing field. It takes kindness, compassion and caring, but the rewards are enriching. A professional with an MSN degree has a chance to work directly with members of the community, and to have an effect on local care giving policies and legislation. They are a major force in running a care giving facility smoothly, with opportunities for advanced medical studies in a hospital environment. New technologies and new demands are rapidly changing the role of nursing with requirements for special skills. By taking advanced courses, you will become part of the field of new discoveries and challenges.

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