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Physiology and Anatomy Online Classes for Free: Class Summaries

Higher Education Articles March 23, 2013

While a majority of schools only permit enrolled students to access online courses in physiology and anatomy, there are several colleges and universities that offer these courses free of charge to interested individuals. These non-interactive courses do not carry any credit.

Physiology and Anatomy Class Expectation

Free online physiology and anatomy classes are made available through an OpenCourseWare program. OpenCourseWare courses are not-for-credit, available to anyone, and free. Students who are interested in these courses are not required to register or submit an application. OpenCourseWare courses are publications of the course assignments and materials used to teach physiology and anatomy. The program does not use chatrooms or email to provide communication between faculty and students.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers three free online physiology and anatomy courses. During the first fourteen weeks of class, students will complete fifteen self-study modules that cover topics such as respiratory and reproductive systems, muscular, digestive, nervous, as well as homeostasis, blood composition, and hormones. Each module has different activities and reading assignments to complete.

The second physiology and anatomy class consists of seven self-study sections and spans for five weeks. This course covers topics such as hydration, muscle stimulation, joints and movement, endocrine system, cardiac muscles, and cardiovascular system.

The third and final course has four modules that usually span for three weeks and deal with oxygenation, lung volumes, fluid balance, liver, and metabolism.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Three online physiology courses are offered for free at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Quantitative Physiology: Physiology of the Ear, Cells and Tissues, and Organ Transport Systems. The course in organ transport systems covers the pathophysiology, physiology, and anatomy of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and renal. Students will discuss about how molecules move across cellular membranes and how cells maintain their composition in the cells and tissues course. The physiology of the ear course explores the coding and analysis of sounds that is performed by the inner ear, hair-cell transduction, the mechanics of sound transmission, and causes for hearing disorders. Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare courses can be downloaded by students who want to obtain the course assignments and materials.

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